5 Popular Spots to Enjoy Nightlife in Mumbai

Mumbai is the top spot amongst the metropolitan cities for anything new happening. This vibrant city with its food, music, lifestyle and people is an enigmatic force of attraction for anybody looking to have a good time. The streets of Mumbai come alive after the sun sets, with its eateries, discos, pubs, theatres, restaurants and shopping malls being open to the night owls wanting to party. Let’s go through the top five places to enjoy the nightlife of Mumbai.

1. Tryst

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This discothèque is the place to visit in order to absorb the invigorating vibes of the energetic crowd. Situated in Lower Parel, this place has an amazing spread of Italian and Continental food. The good collection of booze and the spacious dance floor are more than enough to get you partying all night. With the latest tracks of Bollywood and Hollywood being played by the DJ and the crazy ambience of the place, the Tryst is one place where the crowd parties till it drops.

2. Toto’s Garage

Toto’s Garage
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Situated in Bandra, Toto’s Garage is a landmark amongst the people of Mumbai looking to have a great night ahead. This automobile themed pub with its hard metal floor, bumpers and number plates hanging from the ceiling give it a look and feel of an automobile garage. The theme is such that even the DJ plays music from the body of a van! The variety of food and drinks which are available, make it quite crowded and a favorite amongst the guests.

3. Marine Drive

Marine Drive
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Formally known as the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Road, this 3.6-kilometer-long road is located at the foot of the Malabar Hill in Southern Mumbai. Once night sets in and stars start peeping, Marine Drive is the most romantic place to spend the night in. The beautiful street lights dotting the boulevard and the massive Arabian Sea sending in its cool breeze to stroke the shore, make it the best place to stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere. The food vendors hawking away various finger snacks at every nook and corner of the pathway are another reason to spend a beautiful night out here.

4. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café
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This restaurant, part of the famed franchise, is located in Andheri. Hard Rock Café is frequented by people for the spacious setting and the great ambience. The varied collection of American food is what the crowd throngs in here for. The elegant décor of the place, with its perfect music add to an overall experience of enjoyment and breeziness. The rock music and the live performances together make the perfect lively night.

5. Dome

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An upscale rooftop bar and restaurant, Dome is located at Church gate. Famous for its great spread, especially sushi, and the amazing view of the Marine Drive from the top, this is one place frequented by visitors to enjoy a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. The good service and lively music, make the ambience of the place quite intoxicating and hard to get away from.

Mumbai is definitely the perfect place for any nightlife lover to spend their time in. With a multitude of options to dine, wine, party and roam, Mumbai is a favorite for the true nocturnal souls.

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