Beaches of Mumbai, Mumbai

Visitor Information

  • Famous For: Photography, Tourism, Horse & Camel Riding, Local Delicacies and Fishing.
  • Entrance Fee: The entry is free.
  • Visiting Time: The beaches are accessible almost the entire day, all days of the week.
  • Visit Duration: Two to four hours approximately.

The hot and happening city of Mumbai is home to India’s best beaches. Mumbai is an attractive city by itself, and the beaches only add to the maddening gorgeousness of Mumbai. The range of beaches here includes the famous Juhu beach, the Versova beach, Chowpatty beach, the Madh Island beach, the Aksa beach, the Gorai beach and a good lot of others. Every beach has its own highlights and is totally worth visiting.

Mumbai Beaches Chawpathy
Chowpatty beach, Photo by Edward Morgan, CC BY-SA 2.0

Traveller Tips

  • Do not visit the beaches during the monsoons.
  • If you are allergic to crowds, visit the beaches in the mornings of week days, to enjoy the bliss of solitude.
  • Carry your camera with you because you are guaranteed to capture some amazing shots.

Things to Do

  • Pamper your taste buds with Mumbai’s delicacies, when you visit the Chowpatty beach.
  • For Yoga lovers, an early morning in the Chowpatty beach is the perfect time and place to perform the asanas. If not for yoga, one can walk or jog by the shores to kick start the day in this scenic spot.
  • For children, the Mumbai beaches offer a variety of entertainments, from merry-go-rounds to ferry wheels.
  • Movie buffs can keep their eyes rolling, because the Mumbai beaches are prime shooting locations.
  • For those waiting to escape the fast paced life of Mumbai city, the calm and serene Madh island beach is the getaway destination to spend some special quality time with your kith and kin.
  • At Juhu beach, step into any of the fine Italian restaurants such as Don Giovanni or Little Italy, to get teleported to Italy by dining at the shores of Mumbai.
  • Apart from all the fun and food, the best thing to do in a Mumbai beach is to bask in the views of sunrise or sunset and admire God’s grandeur.

Availability of Guides

No special guides are available and guides are not necessary here, as well.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the beaches is between the months of October and March.

How to Reach

Mumbai is well connected to all the prominent cities of India, by road, rail and air. The Chatrapati Shivaji airport connects Mumbai to cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Mumbai is the hub of railway services and several trains connect Mumbai to the rest of India. If you prefer travelling by bus, again the city of Mumbai is thoroughly linked by roads to other Indian cities. To reach any of the Mumbai beaches, one can take an auto, cab, or local bus/train.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Beaches of Mumbai

  • The Juhu beach is one of India’s top desired locations for movie shooting. The Juhu region is star-studded because many celebrities have their homes here. No wonder, you find a celebrity jogging by the shores of Juhu in the early hours.
  • The popular ‘Gandhi Gram’ is located in the end of the Juhu beach. Many sports such as football, basketball, etc… are played here.
  • Madh Island beach, which is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai, is actually a cluster of hamlets.
  • A curved 3km road trailing from the Chowpatty beach, is what we popularly known as Mumbai’s Marine Drive. This is a posh locality and many celebrities reside here.
  • The Versova beach is known for its fishing community ‘koli’. Every evening, fishing auctions are held in this region.
  • Most beaches in Mumbai have DJs, pubs and discotheques which add to the glitz.
Mumbai Beach Juhu
Juhu beach, Photo by Ting Chen, CC BY-SA 2.0

Nearby Attractions

  • Crawford Market
  • Mahalakshmi Racecourse
  • Madh Fort
  • Bonaventure Church
  • Erangal
  • Art Deco Buildings
  • ISKCON Temple

Nearby Restaurants

  • The Retreat
  • The Resort
  • Sampan
  • Silver Beach Café
  • Alfredos
  • Fusion Wongs
  • TAP Resto Bar
  • Shiv Sagar
  • Jamjar Diner
  • Hangla’s Resto Café
  • Sirocco
  • Soam Restaurant
  • Kobe Sizzlers
  • Sukhsagar
  • Crystal

When one needs to celebrate and party, a beach is the perfect destination. When one needs to clear the tangles of life’s ways and enjoy solitude, again the beach is the ideal place. Whatever the occasion be, beaches come to our rescue. So, take recourse to the vast breathtaking beaches of Mumbai, to refresh your spirits and create precious memories.

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