Top 5 Places To Visit In Lavasa

Lavasa is a private, fully planned out hill station owned and built by the Hindustan Construction Company. Although the setting up of this city has been under controversy, the city itself has turned out to be a modern day marvel. It is, to date, under construction and expansion and on completion houses international universities, housing complexes, theme parks, elegant promenades and other amenities. A luxury getaway built in the style of the Italian Portofino, Lavasa has beautiful natural surroundings, pleasant weather, plush hotels and resorts and every amenity within walking distance.

Peak summer months of April to June are also not advisable as the heat during the daytime can be a deterrent to your vacation. The closest airport is the Lohegaon Airport in Pune, which is well connected to all the major cities across the country. Travelling by rail is easier, as the Lonavala railway station, a busy and well connected station is close to Lavasa. However, road journeys are most advisable as the highway offers travellers wonderful views. The roads are well maintained, as are the taxis and buses available to and from Lavasa Bus Stop. Here are the most popular places to visit in Lavasa:

1. The Promenade

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Lavasa is paradise for any food lover. Posh restaurants with beautiful interiors as well as exteriors, excellent service and diverse national and international cuisines are available here, many of which would be difficult to find anywhere else. These include, amongst others, names such as the All American Diner, Oriental Octopus, the Deck, Vyanjan, Fruity Bat, Zodiac, Granma’s Hommade Patisserie, Krazy Koala, Past Times and Tabakh.

2. The Lake and Vortex SplashPad

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Lavasa is built around a large manmade lake. This lake is designed in a way so as to accommodate safe and reliable water sports. The best trainers and lifeguards ensure a stress-free experience. These water sports include pontoons, water volleyball, jet skiing, pedal boats and bumper boats. Other than this, there is also the Vortex SplashPad, a water park with new, innovative and interactive rides for all age groups, such as Poolplay and Spraypoint Urban Oasis.

3. The Dasvino Town and Country Club

The Dasvino Town and Country Club is a luxury resort with multi-recreational facilities, built on the lakeside, which make for a perfect relaxing day in the hills, alone or with one’s family and friends. There is a spa and a salon with a vast range of services available. There is also a swimming pool, tennis court, squash court, snooker room, kids play area, library, gym, angling and various other facilities. Restaurants and diners here include Oriental Octopus, Dance Vino, the Deck and Tea Room on the Lake.

4. Dasve Hills Outdoor Sports Facilities

Photo by Cryongen, CC BY-SA 3.0

Lavasa is quite unique as it is combines a luxury getaway with all the options for adventures sports and wildlife tours. Organized sport includes paint ball, rappelling, rock climbing, camping, trekking etc. There is also a games arcade for children and adults alike to engage themselves with. These games are interactive simulations and include Neo Arcade and Electronic Darts. There is also the one-of-a-kind Indoor Golf Recreation and Learning Centre, where one can play life sized golf on a computer. For those who like to go solo, one can take a nature walk around the mountains and enjoy the hills, waterfalls and animals.

Lavasa is the perfect weekend vacation, with something wonderful in store for everybody. If not for the entertaining and informative activities, it is worth visiting just to see an ideal, picturesque township being built to the backdrop of the mountains.

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