Top 7 Most Striking Resorts in Lavasa 

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Ask anyone in Pune about what they do when they want a short road-trip to a perky hill station, and the answer of Lavasa will be prompt. India’s first planned and most stunning hill retreat that is Lavasa has stolen the hearts of many a traveller along with nearly every local of Pune. There’s natural as well as man-made beauty along with a dash of perfection in Lavasa and you can’t deny that once you’ve laid your eyes on it. Your next weekend could be a glorious one at Lavasa’s pretty resorts that are certain to steal your heart, so here are 7 of the best exotic resorts in Lavasa.

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Lavasa

Lavasa is a private, fully planned out hill station owned and built by the Hindustan Construction Company. Although the setting up of this city has been under controversy, the city itself has turned out to be a modern day marvel. It is, to date, under construction and expansion and on completion houses international universities, housing complexes, theme parks, elegant promenades and other amenities. A luxury getaway built in the style of the Italian Portofino, Lavasa has beautiful natural surroundings, pleasant weather, plush hotels and resorts and every amenity within walking distance.

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