Top 7 Most Striking Resorts in Lavasa 

Ask anyone in Pune about what they do when they want a short road-trip to a perky hill station, and the answer of Lavasa will be prompt. India’s first planned and most stunning hill retreat that is Lavasa has stolen the hearts of many a traveller along with nearly every local of Pune. There’s natural as well as man-made beauty along with a dash of perfection in Lavasa and you can’t deny that once you’ve laid your eyes on it. Your next weekend could be a glorious one at Lavasa’s pretty resorts that are certain to steal your heart, so here are 7 of the best exotic resorts in Lavasa.

1. Green Gate Resort

Green Gate Resort
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Nothing but a nature lover’s paradise, Green Gate Resort in Lavasa is situated near the Mulshi Dam, with an absolutely fabulous view to offer from its windows. Delectable food, generous hospitality, flawless service and accommodations like individual villas, apartments, and standard rooms that can suit any and every budget are a few of the attractive features of Green Gate Resort. The facilities at Green Gate Resort are perfect and can’t be matched as they provide the ideal service at the same time allowing you to have your privacy within the villas where you can have many moments of undisturbed relaxation amidst an atmosphere of the nature that you just won’t forget.

2. Fortune Select Dasve

Fortune Select Dasve
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One of the most sought-after resorts in Lavasa is Fortune Select Dasve, known popularly for its delectable food and perfect hospitality. Taking up a pretty large area that of 18,000 acres, Fortune Select Dasve is an ITC venture which promises a lavish service to its guests in Lavasa. With the unbelievably beautiful backdrop of the Sahyadri Hills, Fortune Select is nestled in the comfortable lap of green, 3,000ft above sea level. Since Lavasa is most attractive during the monsoon season, Fortune Select allures many visitors. A swimming pool, conference room, banquet hall, gymnasium, yoga spaces, water sports and many such appealing features have made Fortune Select a very preferred stay at Lavasa by frequenters. The naturally bountiful location of it makes this resort a more adored one out of all.

3. Xthrill Adventure Academy

Xthrill Adventure Academy
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Possibly the most unusual and unique resort in Lavasa, Xthrill Adventure Academy offers an absolutely memorable time to its guests. Here you can give your adrenaline an instant boost by indulging in some of the most thrilling activities at this adventure camp. Be it paintball, rock climbing, cycling, paintball, treasure hunt, archery, raft building, rifle shooting, all-terrain vehicle ride, hiking, trekking, valley crossing, cave waterfall trek, and much more can be easily found at Xthrill Adventure Academy. Accommodation in tents is one of the most attractive feature of this adventure camp, and not only can you enjoy a thrilling and adventurous time with your friends at Xthrill, you can also indulge in staying comfortably in the tents. Xthrill Adventure Academy at Lavasa ensures a truly enthralling time for all its guests.

4. Centurion Spring Hills Holiday Resort

Centurion Spring Hills Holiday Resort
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This magnificent hill resort is a perfect location for weekends. Amenities that are nothing but top notch and hospitality that will put five star hotels to shame, Centurion Spring Hills Holiday Resort is everything you were looking for. It is as much a relaxing resort as it is a party animal’s paradise. Centurion offers an array of facilities that includes a romantic, rooftop restaurant, indoor and outdoor gaming, gymnasium, multi-cuisine restaurants, standard rooms and luxury suites, swimming pool, picnic spaces, dance floor and what not. If that isn’t enough to attract you to Centurion, the picturesque background of the deep valleys of the Sahyadri Range and the luscious green landscape is much too gorgeous to overlook.

5. Ekaant Retreat

Ekaant Retreat
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Solitude will be your best friend once you’ve seen what Ekaant Retreat has to offer. Trace your footsteps to the beautiful Warasgaon Lake in Lavasa and return to Ekaant Retreat for a serene evening, where you can have just as much fun outdoors as you would have indoors. Ekaant Retreat comes with the facility of authentic Maharashtrian food along with other delectable cuisines, nature trails, picnic spaces private dining areas, garden visits, lakeside walking, water sports, paintball, rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, hiking and a lot more that is sure to keep you rooted at this pretty resort in Lavasa.

6. Mercure Lavasa

Mercure Lavasa
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Another one of Lavasa’s favourites is the Mercure Lavasa, a cosy yet vast holiday resort to keep your weekend of fun and relaxation untouched. With a pleasant atmosphere and rooms that are sure to keep you in bed, Mercure Lavasa also has stuff like a nursery visit, nature trail, bamboo factory, adventure and water sports, mini bar and all that jazz to lure you in. The evenings are well-lit and truly appealing, not to mention the stunning ambience of the hilly terrain where you can dream of hiking or trekking up and down until you’re tired beyond measure. Mercure Lavasa will give you a calming foot massage just as well as it will keep you mesmerized in its nature trails and striking retreat facilities.

7. Jenjon Holiday Homes

Jenjon Holiday Homes
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A bit unusual a resort, JenJon Holiday Homes offer a number of various apartments and villas across Lavasa for a truly great time. You can have all the elementary facilities along with the feeling of being in a home away from home. JenJon Holidays is the mark of Lavasa’s unique stuff that is present throughout the town. The amenities at JenJon’s villas and apartments also includes great hospitality and service along with basic household items and cleaning services to let you have a relaxing ambience without having to worry about anything. You can stay at JenJon’s most luxurious villas or standard apartments and guarantee yourself to have a wonderful retreat.

With Lavasa’s lavish beauty and the atmosphere of being such an ideal weekend getaway near Pune, your parched traveller heart is sure to experience some amazing opportunities born of a memorable time spent with friends and family. A lot of Pune locals also agree that Lavasa is a romantic retreat close by, so there’s everything for everyone at this picturesque hill town that you can’t get enough of.

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