Top 9 Places To Visit In Jharkhand

The Land of Forests’ as Jharkhand is famously called, is heaven for nature lovers. The unparalleled beauty of the state with majestic hills, scenic waterfalls, rich greenery and colorful culture makes your visit to the land memorable. Thanks to the dominant tribal population, the land preserves nature at its best. It is the perfect destination to land if you are looking for a rendezvous with nature. Here are the top 9 places in Jharkhand.

1. Ranchi

Photo by Smeet Chowdhury, CC BY 2.0

Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, is rightly called the City of Waterfalls. Blessed with the best of nature, Ranchi captivates your soul with authority. It is so rich in mineral resources that it is also called as the ‘Manchester of the East’. Here are the top attractions in Ranchi.

  • Hundru Falls
  • Dassam Falls
  • Jonha Falls
  • Panch Gagh Falls
  • Birsa Zoological Park
  • Ranchi Lake
  • Kanke Dam
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Nakshatra Van
  • Sun Temple
  • Pahari Mandir
  • Rock Garden
  • Deer Park

2. Jamshedpur

Photo by Vaibhav Sharan, CC BY 2.0

Jamshedpur owns the pride of being home to Tata Steel, the first private iron and steel company in the country. With many industries, both small and large scale, flourishing here, it is indeed a surprise to see that the city has rich greenery and is environment friendly. Here are the leading attractions in Jamshedpur.

  • Dalma Hills
  • Russi Modi Centre of Excellence
  • Jubilee Park
  • Jubilee Lake
  • Jayanti Sarovar
  • Dimna Lake
  • Tata Steel Zoological Park
  • Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Hudco Lake
  • Bhatia Park
  • Tribal Culture Center
  • Sir Dorabji Tata Park
  • Bhuvaneswari Temple
  • Parsee Fire Temple
  • Sakchi Gurudwara
  • Sakchi Masjid
  • St. Mary’s Church

3. Deoghar

Photo by Mamta Jagdish Dhody, CC BY-SA 4.0

Deoghar, the City of Temples, is a famous pilgrim spot for followers of Hinduism. This ancient town has many temples and some are located in scenic environment. Have a feel of the land regardless of the faith you believe in and you are sure to enjoy every moment of it. Here are some of the top attractions in the city.

  • Baba Baidyanath Temple
  • Basukinath
  • Trikuta Hills
  • Satsanga Ashram
  • Mayurakshi River
  • Harila Jori
  • Shivganga
  • Rikhia Yogashram
  • Jaisar Children’s Park
  • Nandan Pahar
  • Kathikund
  • Kundeshwari
  • Ajgaibinath
  • Hathi Pahar

4. Hazaribagh

Photo by Naman Anand, CC BY 2.0

Hazaribagh, as its name suggests, is a land of flora and fauna. The name Hazaribagh means a thousand gardens and the city lives up to its name. Situated at an altitude of 2019 feet above sea level, the city is a well known health resort. Here are some top destinations in Hazaribagh.

  • Hazaribagh Lake
  • Canary Hills
  • Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Hazaribagh National Park
  • Isco Rock Art
  • Suraj Kund
  • Rajrappa
  • Konar Dam
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Silwar
  • Sanskriti Museum and Art Gallery
  • Urban Haat
  • Megaliths of Hazaribagh
  • Salparni

5. Dhanbad

Photo by Nitin Kirloskar, CC BY 2.0

Dhanbad, the ‘Coal Capital of India’, ranks 79th amongst the fastest growing cities in the world. While the city’s earlier history remains a mystery, its present development is no secret to the world as it lies at the center of the heart of the country’s richest coal fields. Here are the places to visit in Dhanbad.

  • Topchanchi Lake
  • Maithon Dam
  • Panchet Dam
  • Birsa Munda Park
  • Bhatinda Fall
  • Charak Pathar
  • Panrra
  • Parasnath Temple
  • Jharia Coal Mines

6. Bokaro

Photo by Prateek Rungta, CC BY 2.0

Bokaro is famous for its steel and coal industries. The natural resources available here has turned the city into a leading industrial hub. It is however not all industries as it has its share of lush greenery too. Here are some top tourist spots in Bokaro.

  • Bokaro Steel City
  • Garga Dam
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park
  • City Park
  • Bokaro Ispat Pustakalaya
  • Jagannath Temple
  • Gayatri Mandir
  • Chas
  • Kali Mandir
  • Siwandih
  • Noori Masjid
  • Aaiyappa Mandir

7. Giridih

Photo by Wikimedia Commons  

Giridih, called the ‘Land of Hills’ is also known as ‘The Land of Jain Pilgrims’. The highest peak of Jharkhand lies here. Being carved out from Hazaribagh, Giridih shares its history. The land abounds in mineral resources. It boasts of extensive forests too. Here are some leading attractions in Giridih.

  • Parasnath Hill
  • Usri Falls
  • Madhuban
  • Khandoli Park
  • Jharkhandi Dham
  • Devari Temple
  • Harihar Dham
  • Jain Museum
  • Sammed Shikharji
  • Baidadih

8. Netarhat

Photo by Bhadani, CC BY-SA 3.0 

If you long to be amidst the richness of nature, Netarhat, Queen of Chotanagpur, is the right place for you. The tranquility in the air and scenic landscapes just blow your mind. The jungle covered hill station is the coolest place in the whole of Jharkhand. Here are the top tourist destinations in Netarhat.

  • Netarhat Hills
  • Koel View Point
  • Sadni Falls
  • Magnolia Sunset Point
  • Upper Ghaghri Falls
  • Lower Ghaghri Falls

9. Palamu

Photo by Marlisco, CC BY-SA 3.0

Palamu has a rich past going by legends but authentic evidences are yet to be unearthed. The legends about the land are interesting and present a scenario of rich cultural background. Here are the leading attractions in Palamu.

The attractions in Jharkhand is more and hence covering them all in one attempt is nothing short of challenging. I welcome suggestions from you on other tourist attractions in Jharkhand to make my next visit to the land more exciting.

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  2. Jharkhand is really beautiful in all terms….green all around, you will automatically get connected with nature and surrounding.

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  4. Really too nice……these all are visit able and pricable. Cause have visited almost all places so have more experience about these places.

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  7. Dhanbad is a better place to develop your business as there is big coal mines in India.

  8. Jharkhand is really beautiful in all terms….green all around, you will automatically get connected with nature and surrounding.i love this jharkhand

  9. Dhanbad is a better place to develop your business as there is big coal mines in India.

  10. I am a nature lover & I am visited. Most of falls & dams in ranchi .& I am trying to visit some other places in jharkhand like jamshedpur, dhanbad,giridih &many more cities with my friends ,I hope some day I will complete my dreams.


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