Top 8 Places To Visit In Manipur

Manipur, the land popularly referred to as the ‘Switzerland of India’ is the right tourist destination for nature lovers. Located in North East India amidst breathtaking blue hills, Manipur is amazingly soul-captivating. The name in itself means ‘A jeweled land’ and it is just right that the state was described the ‘Jewel of India’ by Late Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India. The state is rich in every sense, be it in the beauty of nature or the culture of the land. Here are the top 8 tourist destinations in Manipur.

1. Imphal

Photo by rajkumar1220, CC BY 2.0

Imphal, the capital of Manipur, is a scenic city. It is located at the center of the beautiful Manipur valley and is surrounded by plains and hills. Dense forests and sprawling grasslands make the place a heaven on earth. It reflects the rich tradition of the state. Here are the leading tourist destinations in Imphal.

  • Loktak Lake
  • Red Hill Lokpaching
  • Kangla Fort
  • Sirohi National Park
  • Manipur State Museum
  • Sekta Archaelogical Living Museum
  • Manipur Zoological Gardens
  • Keibul Lam Jao National Park
  • Jama Masjid
  • Shree Govindajee Temple
  • Khonghampat Orchidarium
  • Matai Garden

2. Ukhrul

Photo by Ac apam, CC BY-SA 3.0

Ukhrul, a picturesque city is a visual delight. The beauty of nature offers more than just visual delight. It elevates your spirit to a higher plane. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful valleys, hills, waterfalls and streams. In short, Ukhrul is a dream destination if you are a nature lover. Given below are some top destinations in Ukhrul

  • Khayang Peak
  • Shirui Kashung Peak
  • Kachouphung Lake
  • Khangkhui Cave
  • Shirui Kashung
  • Hundung Mangva Cave
  • Nillai Tea Estate
  • Ango Ching

3. Bishnupur

Photo by Abhijit Kar Gupta, CC BY 2.0

Considered a holy land thanks to the many temples located here, Bishnupur, is one of the most frequented cities in Manipur for both its natural beauty and places of worship. The ancient temples here reflect the rich culture of the land and its architectural excellence. Given below are the leading tourist attractions in Bishnupur.

  • Rasmancha
  • Jorebangla Temple
  • Pancha Ratana Temple
  • Dal Madol
  • Susunia Pahar
  • Shyamrai Temple
  • Siddheswar Temple
  • Radha Shyam Temple
  • Sridhara Temple

4. Thoubal

Photo by Herojit th, CC BY-SA 3.0

Thoubal is yet another picturesque destination in Manipur. Situated amidst hills, the place is perfect for trekking and hiking. Lush greenery, beautiful rivers and lakes make the place a perfect destination for outdoor activities. The local people here enhance the greenery here by planting banyan trees along roadsides and fruit bearing trees in the grounds of their homes. Here are some top destinations in Thoubal

  • Thoubal River
  • Imphal River
  • Ikop Lake
  • Waithou Lake
  • People’s Museum
  • Lousi Lake
  • Thoubal Bazar
  • Khongjom War Memorial

5. Chandel

Chandel is the gateway to Myanmar. The geographical significance, however, does not end there. The land is rich in flora and fauna being home to a wide range of species. Rare species of animals and plants are found here that attract tourists in great numbers. Here are some of the tourist destinations in Chandel.

  • Moreh
  • Yangoupokpi-Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tengnoupal

6. Senapati

Photo by Sharada Prasad CS, CC BY 2.0

Senapati is one of the places in Manipur that preserves its natural beauty with some of its parts still unexplored. It seems the land is specially favored by nature. Hills, streams, gorges and rivers, you just name it, the land has it. With 80% of the land covered by dense forests, you can naturally expect it to possess a wide range of plants and animals. Given below are some top destinations in Senapati.

  • Mao
  • Yangkhullen
  • Dzuko Valley
  • Liyai
  • Purul
  • Maram Khullen
  • Makhel Cave
  • Sadu Chiru Waterfalls

7. Tamenglong

Photo by Dangmei, CC BY 3.0

Very much like Chandel, Tamenglong, popularly referred to as the ‘Land of Hornbill’ is rich in flora and fauna. Unexplored forests, rare species of plants, animals and birds, the land is sure to captivate your soul. With lakes, rivers and waterfalls, Tamenglong makes a perfect dream spot. Here are the leading destinations you should not miss on your tour to Tamenglong.

  • Zeilad Lake
  • Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Barak Waterfalls
  • Kisha Khou
  • Tharon Cave
  • Buning Meadow

8. Churachandpur

Photo by Songangte, CC BY-SA 3.0 

Churachandpur fits the bill perfectly as a district in Manipur. Like every part of Manipur, Churachandpur abounds in natural beauty. Located amidst hillocks and valleys, the place is a scenic delight. It is also the second largest town in the state. The land boasts of unity in rich cultural diversity. Boat riding facilities are available at Tipaimukh. Here are the important tourist spots in Churachandpur.

  • Ngaloi Falls
  • Tuibuong Tribal Museum
  • Tonglon Cave
  • Khuga Dam
  • Tipaimukh

Manipur makes you want to come back. For the majority lot who are ‘nature-deprived’ in their homeland, Manipur is naturally a dream destination. Even if you are from a land that is ‘nature rich’, you will still find Manipur has more to offer. I would be glad to have more information on the state to make my next visit more complete.

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