Top 5 Places to Visit in Ukhrul

Ukhrul is a beautiful district in the state of Manipur. It is well known for its natural beauty. This place is not just visually appealing but also gives the feeling of inner peace. Amidst the hills and lakes, one can truly feel the calmness and beauty of nature. A paradise for people with a liking towards nature, a place which every nature lover must visit at least once in their lifetime. The state where this breath-taking district is situated is also the home to many more such amusing places. Here is where you can sneak-a-peek of the legendary state. Ukhrul has numerous tourist spots. Here are some of the places one must visit when in Ukhrul.

1. Khayang Peak

Khayang peak is known as the highest peak of the Ukhrul district; its altitude being 3114 meters above sea level. The peak gives a beautiful view of the entire region. One can see the fellow hills, the beautifully raging streams and the low laying valleys from up there. Apart from enjoying its scenic beauty, people also go trekking on these hills. The satisfaction of seeing the sun rise from the peak is not something that can be expressed in words. People who are not much into trekking can easily hire private transport and go for a long drive to the top of the hill to breathe in the aura of nature.

2. Shirui Kashong Peak

Shirui Kashong peak is one of the finest peaks to visit in Ukhrul. It is a little more popular than the Khayang peak because it is more easily accessible. The altitude of this hill rises upto 2835 meters above sea level. Apart from the beauty of its altitude, the peak seems to be painted with colourful flowers. These flowers bloom on the hilltop in the months of May-June. The major attraction being the blooming of the rare Lilium mackliniae. This place is not just famous for its colourful beauty, but also the plants and herbs found here. Many of these have medicinal values and therefore, it attracts a number of scholars each year for research purpose.

3. Kachouphung Lake

The most interesting feature about Kachouphung lake is that its shape resembles the shape of the map of India. This striking lake is located on the slope of the hill. There are a number of fishes found in this lake and it provides people with a great opportunity for pisciculture. The size of the river varies a lot between the summers and the monsoons. It becomes way bigger during the rainy season.  The most interesting thing is the fact that water can be brought in from the nearby Nily river and added to the lake to increase its size.

4. Khangkhui Cave

The Khangkhui cave is a remarkable natural limestone cave. The cave consists of two large chambers, five tunnels and one large hall. There are many legends behind this cave. Many believe that the cave was once inhabited by a Devil king who had two wives. The two chambers belonged to his two wives while he rested in the royal bedroom located in the northern end of the hall. According to the legend, the hall is where the king used to hold all his meetings and important discussions. This cave also has a very relevant connection to the history. The villagers took shelter in these caves in World War II.

 5. Nillai Tea Estate

Another marvellous place to visit in Ukhrul is the Nillai tea estate. This is a place where green tea is grown. The tea grown here is hand-plucked and sun-dried. It enriches the medicinal qualities of the leaves. The special feature of these leaves is that the right flavour comes only when they are boiled the second time! Apart from the unique features, the greenery seen here is definitely a treat to one’s eyes. Seeing so much of lushness will surely make your heart feel good and the neat rows of tea plants will make you never want to leave the place.

Visiting Ukhrul once will make you want to visit it over and over again. The beauty, the nature, and the facts as well as the history have the power to make you want to see more and know more. Ukhrul will definitely capture a special place in the hearts of every nature or adventure lover.

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