10 Captivating Places In Chhattisgarh

Every place has something unique; however, unique places have everything unique about them. It takes a lot of consideration while you look to decide on a travel destination. You may be trying your best to identify the spot that offers you what you need. You may love to reach out to a place that has great monuments or somewhere that gives you spectacular landscape. You may have a passion for palaces and you may be interested in a place that boasts of high cultural values and tradition. Your interests may be diversified and hence you may seek a place that offers the best of both worlds in which case, Chhattisgarh is the justified option for you. Tourist places in Chhattisgarh has a lot to offer including stunning waterfalls, scenic landscapes, caves, temples, heritage sites and paintings. It is indeed a tough task to choose the top 10 among the many places to visit in Chhattisgarh. Here is an attempt at identifying the top 10 places you need to visit on your tour to Chhattisgarh.

1. Chitrakot Waterfall

Chitrakot Waterfall

Famously known as Niagara Falls of India, Chitrakot Waterfalls is located 38 km away from Jagdalpur. The falls is the broadest in India, it falls from a height of 96 ft, and during the season, the width is above 1000 feet. The shape of the waterfalls resembles horseshoe. The forest area around the waterfalls offers spectacular views.

2. Kawardha Palace

The location of Kawardha Palace itself is amazing. It is located at 941 meters altitude above sea level on Maikal Ranges. It palace is in a massive 11 acre-land and you will be spellbound by the lovely garden. Italian marbles and stones were used in constructing the palace, which dates back to the 1930s. The palace is a glorious example of the culture of the place. The palace is declared as a heritage hotel and you will love to find yourself accommodated here. The lush gardens make you feel close to nature.

3. Achanakumar Wildlife Sanctuary

Achanakumar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at a distance of 60 km from Bilaspur. It was established in the year 1975. The dense forest is home to various wild animals, which include tiger, bison, leopard, bear, sambar, hyena and so on. Watchtowers are the best way to view wild animals in action as the density of the forest and its topography make it difficult to view wildlife.

4. Kailash And Kutumsar Caves

Kailash and Kotumsar Caves are located near Tiratgarh Waterfalls amidst the dense forests located at a distance of 40 kilometer from Jagdalpur. Ranked second in the list of longest natural caves all over the world, Kutumsar Caves are not accessible beyond a certain limit. The restriction of movement is owing to non-availability of oxygen inside the two-kilometer deep caves. Kailash Cave was discovered in the year 1993. Situated on a small hill, the important feature of the cave is the musical sounds created on striking of hand in the hollow walls.

5. Maitri Bagh

Photo by Avinash Patil, CC BY-SA 2.0

The name Maitri Bagh means Garden of Friendship. This is a result of cooperation between Indian and Russian governments. Maitri Bagh was established by Bhilai Steel Plant. The zoo cum park offers various attractions and it is one of the famous picnic spots in the state. There are beautiful lakes and gardens and the musical fountains in the garden is a feast to eyes. It is the biggest zoo in Chhattisgarh.

6. Bastar Palace

Bastar Palace is an ancient construction built when the kings of Bastar shifted their capital to Jagdalpur. The palace is rich in architecture and it tells tales of bravery of the rulers who ruled the land. The unique carvings on the walls of the palace are stunning. The monument constructed by the government inside the grounds of the palace offers artifacts and portraits of the rulers of the past. Do not miss the opportunity to ride on horse carriage when you are in the city.

7. Kanker Palace

Known earlier as Radhanivas Bagicha, Kanker Palace was built in the 20th century and rebuilt in the year 1937. The elegant palace reveals the influence of colonial architecture. The magnificent construction is located in the scenic landscape and the lush gardens surrounding the palace is awe inspiring. The place and the palace offer great views and you will find various activities to get involved in right from boat safaris, jeep safaris and many more.

8. Gadiya Mountain

Once in Chhattisgarh, you would not want to miss the highest mountain in Kanker and that is Gadiya Mountain. Gadiya Mountain served as capital to King Dharma Dev of Kandra dynasty after his victory here. The cave found here was the hideout for the royal family during war. The southern part of the great mountain houses another cave, which is known as Jogi Gufa. This cave was used by sages to meditate. The water tank here is famous as it is said that it never dries.

9. Rajpuri Waterfall

Rajpuri Waterfall is located near Bagicha, which is 90km from the headquarters. The natural beauty of the place attracts tourists from all around. The entire place is enchanting with tribal villages around it. The ancient touch associated with the rocks in the area and the rich natural beauty makes this place one among the important tourist destinations.

10. Bhoramdeo Temple

Photo by Pankaj Oudhia, CC BY-SA 3.0

The ancient temple will necessitate a visit if you love the feeling of being amongst the glorious past. Constructed somewhere between the 7th and 11th centuries, the temple is called the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh. Located amidst the picturesque setting of Maikal mountains, Bhoramdeo Temple offers spectacular views. It is considered as the most beautifully decorated temple. It has religious sculptures as well as erotic sculptures.

Offering a perfect combination of ancient monuments, natural sceneries, palaces and temples, Chhattisgarh is the right place to be on a tour if you are looking for variety with a higher level of culture and heritage to go with it. Apart from the attractions mentioned above, Surajpur, Raipur, Kondagaon, Baloda Bazar, Ambikapur, Pendra, Kirandul and Baikunthpur are some other places to visit in Chhattisgarh. Enjoy your stay at Chhattisgarh and ensure that you do not miss the top ten places mentioned here.

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