Top 5 Places To Visit In Kirandul

Kirandul is a little town in Chattisgarh. It is located in the plateau region of Dantewada district. Kirandul was an important part of Bastar, which was a princely state before India gained independence. Therefore, the town has a rich history and cultural heritage. Kirandul also attracts a numbers of visitors owing to its rich iron ore mines which run on latest technology and machinery.

Here are the 5 popular places to visit in Kirandul:

1. Danteshwari Temple

The Danteshwari Temple is devoted to Goddess Sati, the primary deity of the hamlet. It is located in the district of Danteshwar which is located at a distance of about 40 km from Kirandul. Legend has it that it is here that one of Sati’s tooth fell during Lord Shiva’s Pralaya Tandav. The Danteshwari Temple was built by the Chalukya Kings in the 14th century. The temple is illustrative of fine and delicate architectural skills. The temple which is divided into four segments, houses an idol of the Goddess which is made of black stone in its inner sanctum.

2. Batissa Temple

The Batissa temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva is an architectural marvel. It consists of eight columns and four rows. The symmetrical design of the temple is alluring and evidence of the rich heritage of the town. The temple has two sanctums devoted to Shiva. Instilled in one of them is a huge Shivlinga. The Batissa temple is therefore visited not only by the devotees of Shiva, but also by tourists who wish to witness the architectural splendour of the area.

3. Bailadila Iron Ore

Stretching over an area of 40 kms and being 10 kms wide, the Bailadila Iron Ore witnesses a number of tourists and visitors. It is speculated that the region houses over 1200 million tonnes of premium grade iron ore, distributed across fourteen deposits. Currently three of the mines are being exploited using high technology machinery.

4. Kadampal Tailing Dam

The Kadampal Tailing Dam located in Kirandul is a tailing dam, that is, one which is built on the unprocessed remains of iron mines. This dam has primarily being constructed to provide electricity and water for irrigation to the town.

5. Kirandul Iron Ore Mines

The Kirandul Iron Ore Mine is a massive repository of superior quality of iron. which is transported to factories and industries across the country.

Kirandul is surrounded by dense foliage, sprawling rivers and opulent waterfalls and hence makes a perfect getaway destination for those who wish to revitalize themselves.

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