Top 5 Places to Visit in Bastar

Bastar is a tribal district in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. God has gifted this place with exceptional natural resources. This place is the perfect piece of cake for nature lovers. The lush green hilly areas of this place grab your attention and mesmerize you with their beauty. Bastar is famous for the tribal traditions and cultures. Caves, temples, and wildlife sanctuaries of Bastar have been generating a great source of income for the state. Bastar is regarded as the most visited eco-friendly place of our country.

1. Kondagaon

Kondagaon is well known for its artistry. The local people are pretty famous all over the country for their fine craftsmanship.  The local goods that are made of either bell metal or bamboo are pretty unique in their style and quality. You will definitely empty your wallets and fill your shopping bags if you are a craft lover. This place is a popular camping destination also. Every year many tourists come here to enjoy camping in the natural surroundings of this hilly place, and are astonished by its beauty.

2. Keshkal Ghat

Unlike the other ghat roads of the state, Keshkal ghat road has a lot to offer to you. Though simply it is a road, the beautiful surroundings of the place makes it truly mesmerizing. The hairpin loop roads will test your driving skills for sure. You cannot take your eye off from the natural beauty of this place. The hillocks and short cliffs of Bastar hills are pretty handsome. You can also see the plantations of the local tribes from this place. The orderly arrangement of trees in those plantations is worth watching. You will surely love your journey on this ghat road.

 3. Bastar Palace

Bastar palace is very famous in India. This place is well known for its royalty of past days. This palace is spread over a vast area in Bastar district. Now this palace is regarded as a historical monument with great symmetry and architectural work. This palace depicts the rich heritage of the place. All the paintings and carvings on the walls of the palace are truly majestic.

4. Bhainsa Darha Lake

This magnificent lake is one of the most visited lakes in the Bastar district.  The white waters of the lake are a treat to watch. This lake is a huge one and occupies a lot of ground in the bamboo forest. Bhainsa darha lake astonishes you with its calm waters and cool climate. This lake turned out to be a great abode for different types of turtles and crocodiles. People love to see sunset here.

5. Jonal Anthropological Museum

If you are pretty enthusiastic about knowing the ancient human relationships, then this place is perfect to quench your thirst. This Jonal anthropological museum here at Bastar provides you with the insights on human behavior and relations. Excavations from the ancient periods, pictures depicting the scenario in the pre-independence era will appear before you at this museum. Many historians and anthropologists visit this place to learn about these findings and displayed pieces. One can find the fine art of the tribes of that place. Their tools, utensils, and costumes are also kept on the display. This entertaining as well as an empowering museum is just about 2 kms away from the heart of the city.

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