Top 5 Places to Visit in Ambikapur

Ambikapur –also known as the temple town – is one of the oldest districts of Chhattisgarh, a state situated in the east-central part of India. It gets its name from a Hindu Goddess named Ambika. This goddess is given the most importance in this district. Apart from being one of the largest cities in Chhattisgarh, Ambikapur also attracts a number of tourists from all over the world. The tourists usually include  Hindus who come to visit the famous temples of the city. Apart from them, there are a number of usual tourists who come here to feast their eyes. The city is also well connected to other cities of Chhattisgarh through roads and to other major cities like New Delhi through trains. Its moderate climate is another reason why people like to spend their vacations here. Listed below are some of the must-visit places of Ambikapur.

1. Tattapani

It is a hot water spring that flows with the same volume and force continuously throughout the year. You can find it in the north eastern part of Ambikapur. It is said that the hot water coming from this spring is of great medicinal value as it is suitable for curing innumerable skin diseases. It is also famous because it can cook rice which is placed in the spring in a bundled up cloth. The hotel located near the spring offers a wide range of activities to engage the tourists. River rafting, hiking and trekking are some of those activities. Tattapani is also very close to the Anuppur Junction Railway Station.

2. Mahamaya Temple

Mahamaya temple holds a very important place in the hearts of Hindus as it is believed to be one of the 52 Shakti Peeths (the shrines of Goddess Shakti which are spread across India). It was built in 1050 AD and it is always fascinating to look at the art and architecture of the people of those times. The thought they gave to minute details leave us surprised in the 21st century. It is situated in Ambikapur’s east and Goddess Durga is the major deity worshipped here. Durga Puja or Navaratri are the best times to go to this temple. It is decorated beautifully with flowers and lights.

3. Ramgarh and Sita-Bengra

Ramgarh and Sita-Bengra are other sacred spots of the city. Situated in the north of Ambikapur, Ramgarh is believed to be the same place where once, the great King Ram and his devoted wife Sita spent 14 years of their exile. Sita-Bengra is considered to be the parental home of Sita. There are round shaped rock cut benches arranged in such a way that they form the shape of a crescent in front of these caves. Sita-Bengra and Ramgarh are just a few kilometers from each other.

4. Thinthini Patthar

Thinthini Patthar is a huge cylindrical rock that weighs more than 200 quintals. The rock is situated near Ramgarh and Sita-Bengra and easy transportaton is available for the travel. The specialty of this rock is the sound that echoes from it when someone strikes it. It is an echo that is considered as divine by the people. The travelers can use any strong solid material to strike the rock to produce the metallic sound. Another special feature of this rock is that you hear different sounds when you strike at different sides of the Thinthini Patthar.

5. Jogimara Caves

Jogimara caves are situated in the mountains and are about 40 kms from Ambikapur. They are about as old as 300 BC with the approximate dimensions of 10*6*6 feet. The caves have a number of paintings painted on white plaster with a red border. The paintings include flowers, birds, human beings and animals. Some inscriptions are found in these caves and it is said that these are the world’s first love messages. These messages are said to depict the deep love story of Devadutta and Sutnuka.

The best months to visit Ambikapur are February, March, October, November and December. But due to its moderate climate, Ambikapur is a suitable holiday destination for all times, be it summers, winters or monsoons.

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