Top 3 Places to Visit in Chandel

A gateway to Myanmar, Chandel in Manipur is a geographically significant place for various reasons. This place is a home to a wide range of animal species. It is also famous for its rich flora and fauna. Rare species of Chandel attract a large number of tourists who are into nature or wildlife. Given below is a list of places one must visit if in Chandel.

1. Moreh

Moreh is about 70 kms away from Chandel. This is a very important place as it lies on the border of two countries – India and Myanmar. Myanmar can be seen from the border area and therefore, it attracts a large number of tourists. Moreh is a place for both nature lovers and business lovers. Being on the border, Moreh helps in trading with different countries. It is the commercial hub of Manipur. These kinds of trades are supported and encouraged a lot by the government and they want more and more foreign countries as well as Indians to set up business here. If the visitors have a visa, they can even cross the border and go to Myanmar to visit Tamu (only 5 kms from the border). Like Moreh is the commercial hub of Chandel, Tamu is for Myanmar. There is a big shopping plaza in Moreh where Chinese and Thai goods are sold. This plaza is compared to the National Stadium Shopping Arcade of Bangkok. However, the prices here are a lot less than those in Bangkok.

2. Yangoupokpi – Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary

Founded in 1989, the Yangoupokpi- Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 185 sq. km approximately. This sanctuary is the home to 42 species of mammalians, 74 types of birds, 6 species of amphibians, 29 kinds of reptiles and 86 species of fish. Hoolock Gibbon (the only variety of ape seen in India), stumped tailed macaque, Himalayan black bear, slow lories, wild bear, India civet cat. Pig tailed macaque and golden cat are some of the wildlife species found here.

3. Tengnoupal

Tengnoupal is situated at a height that ranges between 2,500 ft. to 10,000 ft. This place was under a number of ruling parties, starting from the Pakhangha Ruler, followed by the Chinese who reigned over it from 1631 until the Japanese attacked it during the Second World War. Two rivers named, Barak and Manipur flow in this region from north to south. This place is adorned with many lakes as well. Tengnoupal is usually visited to enjoy the peaceful environment in the middle of all the natural beauty. As Tengnoupal is at a height, one can get a view of the entire state of Manipur. Though it is a remote area, it is a popular tourist destination. It offers a wide range of accommodations, forest bungalows being the best of the lot.

The best time to visit Chandel is during the months of February or December. Because of the many tribes that live here, it has a diversity of communities and each community has something different to offer. Chandel is on the list “must visit” places of many people.

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