Top 5 Places To Visit In Imphal

Situated at the heart of Manipur River’s Valley, Imphal, the capital of Manipur, has the best of nature and also displays through its forts the architectural excellence of the past. Lush green valleys and breathtaking hills all around the city makes the place a perfect setting to enjoy the bliss of nature. Located at 790 meter above sea level, the city offers spectacular views of nature. Here are the top 5 places to visit in Imphal.

1. Loktak Lake

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Loktak Lake, the lifeline of Manipur, is considered the largest fresh water lake in the whole of Northeast India. It also owns the pride of being the only floating lake the world over as it has floating phumdis on it. Phumdis meaning, a series of floating islands, is seen only in Loktak Lake. The lake is the major source of drinking water, electricity and irrigation. You can find a wide range of endangered wildlife and plants in the lake.

2. Kangla Fort

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Kangla is the most historically significant place in Manipur. The seat of power, Kangla Fort was once the representation of the land’s culture. As the ancient capital of Manipur, Kangla Fort was much revered. The kingdom was so mighty that it remained undefeatable for centuries starting from 33 AD to 19th century before it succumbed to the powers of the British. The fort comprises royal palaces, temples and burial grounds of the members of royal families. The historical monuments and archaeological remains of the place speak volumes of the rich past.

3. Sekta Archaeological Living Museum

Sekta Archaeological Living Museum is a leading attraction in Imphal. The museum was constructed on a site that was earlier excavated to unearth the treasures of the past that symbolize the rich history of the land. The museum is home to unique antiques that speak of the tribes of 14th century and their culture. The rare collections seen here include ornaments, human skulls, masks made of silver and copper and other unique articles that are rarely found elsewhere.

4. Sirohi National Park

Covering a mere 41 square kilometer, India’s smallest forest reserve, Sirohi National Park earned the status of National Park in 1982. Being a hilly terrain and with many valleys, the views of the park are breathtaking. The park is home to a wide range of wildlife including tiger, leopard and wild boar. It has a stunning range of flowers too among them Sirohi Lily is unique as it grows only here.

5. Manipur State Museum

Manipur State Museum is not just a museum that displays its collections but promotes awareness of the culture and the importance of biological specimen through various programs. The museum was inaugurated in 1969 by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the late Prime Minister of India. While the collections in its gallery sections namely Natural History, Archaeology, Painting and Children’s Gallery are amazing, its contributions to create awareness and interest in minds of people on the need to conserve wildlife and respect the rich culture of the land demand overwhelming appreciation. The programs conducted by the museum are many and hence it deserves a special place for its contribution.

Imphal is an interesting place to visit. Its beauty and history are so captivating that you will find the land irresistible. I have come to the conclusion that one visit is not enough. Not sure when I am going to be there next but your contributions on other attractions here may speed up my second visit.

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