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Housing the biggest Steel Plant of Asia, Bokaro falls under the Indian state of Jharkhand. Being highly dense with industries, Bokaro is a source of India’s half steel production. Nestled quietly on the banks on River Damodar with its tributaries meandering Bokaro city and Parasnath hills and some hillocks in the backdrop, Bokaro is a stunning panorama that encompasses all the beauty in one place. Being the fourth largest city of Jharkhand, it was once a small village named Maraphari in the jungles of the Chotta Nagpur plateau in the history. The place came to light when Jawaharlal Nehru decided to come up with a steel plant in the area with the Soviet help. Due to the proximity to various ore mines like iron ore, manganese and coal, the biggest steel plant was settled here. Bokaro is also a home to companies like Steel Authority of India, BIADA (Bokaro Industrial Area Development Authority), Bokaro Power Supply Corporation Private Limited, Electrosteel Castings Limited, Indian Explosive Limited and thermal plants like Bokaro Thermal and Bokaro Thermal. Here are top 5 places to visit when in Bokaro.

1. Bokaro Steel Plant

Photo by SuLTan0203, CC BY-SA 3.0

Being the oldest and the biggest steel plant of the nation, Bokaro steel plant was established by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Bokaro Steel plant fulfils about half of the country’s steel requirement with a total output capacity of about 5 million tonnes per year which will be doubled in a couple of years as the development of the plant is taking place exponentially. The plant is a joint venture of SAIL and DVC. The Bokaro plant is an aspiration of all the engineers across the continent and also a number of tourists flock here to have a look at the intense plant. With quite a number of blast furnaces that operate simultaneously to meet the steel needs of the country, Bokaro is recently getting identified for its production of flat products in India.

2. Garga Dam

Photo by SuLTan0203, CC BY-SA 3.0

Meeting the water supply of the steel plant and also of the residents of the city, Garga dam lies about 12 km from the city centre. The dam is constructed on the Garga River and hence derives its name. Surrounded by lush greenery the dam is an engineering marvel. Being famous for school excursions, the dam is also famous amongst the tourists. One can even witness some great avifauna in the periphery of the dam.

3. Parasnath Hills

Being a pilgrim spot for the Jain devotees, Parasnath Hills are also known as the Shri Sammet Shikhar Teerth by the Jains. With its highest peak, Sikharji is located at an altitude of 1350 meters; it is believed that Parshvanath, the 23rd Jain Tirthankar attained salvation here and hence making it a pilgrim destination for the Jains. There are many other temples that lay on the Parasnath hills and hence making it a religious spot. Also the beauty that the place compasses makes it calm and serene and is another reason that draws the tourists to enjoy the panorama of the place.

4. City Park

Photo by Vsvinaykumar2, CC BY-SA 3.0

With a Japanese architectural style, The City Park is one of the most happening places of the town. The park has an artificial lake and also has three artificial islands. The park used to be a home to several animals initially which are now shifted to the Jawaharlal Botanical Park. There is a small garden that has been opened here recently and enhances the beauty of the City Park. A toy train also runs through the park and is a major attraction. The park also hosts Basant Mela or the Spring Fiesta every year in February and also Chhath Ka Mela in October-November. These fairs draw a lot of tourists to the place.

5. Ram Mandir

Photo by SuLTan0203, CC BY-SA 3.0

Being one of the oldest and most famous temples, Ram Mandir is dedicated to Lord Rama. Situated in the heart of the city, there is a major market that surrounds the temple. The main temple has gone a considerable amount of renovation in past couple of years but yet the charm of the temple is kept intact. The main temple is surrounded by several other temples dedicated to other Gods and Goddesses.

Bokaro has developed exponentially in past few decades and is still on its development journey. The fairly urbanized town of Bokaro is a must visit when in Jharkhand.

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