Top 5 Places To Visit In Giridih

Now popular as the headquarters of the Giridih district of Jharkhand state, the town was a part of the Hazaribagh district before 1972. According to its name, and local language, Giridih is the land of hills. It lives up to the name as the quaint town is surrounded by quite a few hills and hillocks, which are also an admired tourist destination. It is also a centre of the prestigious Indian Statistical Institute along with being one of the six Data Processing Centres. Giridih is known to be rich in coal, and has many small and big coal mines in and around the town. After 1972 when the town was separated from the Hazaribagh district, Giridih became its own headquarters. The climate of Giridih is usually dry, pleasant during winter between October and March. The best time to visit is somewhere around September and October, after the heavy rainfall of June to August. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of the hills during this time. It is also the 8th largest city of Jharkhand. Let us take a look at the attractions this beautiful town of Giridih has to offer.

1. Usri Falls

One of the most popular picnic spots, the Usri Falls are amid the gravelly Parasnath Mountains and a dense forest that provide a naturally peaceful environment. The falls drop about 39ft in three separate streams. Tourists as well as local people are found having a great time with their families and friends, enjoying the gushing sounds of the Usri River. The river is a tributary of the Barakar River and flows as a gorge through the mountains. The Usri Falls are possibly the most sought after location in Giridih.

2. Stevenson Memorial Church

Located in the Pachamba area of Giridih, the Archibald Tempton built the Stevenson Memorial Church in 1871. He visited the region to serve the tribal areas, and established a hospital. One of the doctors, William Henderson Stevenson, is the one the church is named after. Pachamba is an ancient location that tourists are often found in, to pay a visit to the well-known church.

3. Parasnath Hills

Among the best and most beautiful locations of Giridih and Jharkhand, the Parasnath Hills are famous for their scenic environment. On top of one of the hills is a Jain temple, which attracts a lot of devotees and tourists. Jains consider the temple to be one of the most sacred Jain temples, and often visit to pray, and also enjoy the surrounding. It has also become a popular trekking spot, and devotees walk up to the temple amidst the lush green trees and peaceful atmosphere.

4. Rani Sati Mandir

Close to the Usri Falls and amid the Parasnath Hills, is located a shrine known as Rani Sati Mandir. Devotees, who come to visit the Jain temple on top of the Parasnath Hills, also find themselves in the Rani Sati Mandir to pay their respects. Tourists too, are attracted to the pilgrimage site where annual festivals are hosted, albeit on a small scale.

5. Jain Museum

Located in Madhuban, which is fairly close to Giridih, the Jain museum contains a host of ancient, old scriptures, idols, and manuscripts. There is a telescope installed in the balcony of the museum, and tourists usually take a clear look at the entirety of the Parasnath Hills. Madhuban is a village housing a renowned temple, which is known to be over 2000 years old. It is a place of significance for Jain devotees, and the museum is another major attraction for them, as they find a lot of knowledge through the various scriptures and manuscripts.

Giridih is another one of Jharkhand’s most interesting locations, with the scenic beauty, hills, the importance and spread of Jainism. It attracts tourists due to its picturesque and beautiful atmosphere, and the town is admired by all.

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