Top 5 Places to Visit in Sahibganj

The unexplored state of Jharkhand, once witnessed, serves as an iconic holiday getaway. The rustic villages and the indigenous flora will keep your feet on the ground but your spirits in the sky. The rich tapestry, woven with the fine precision of a surgeon are some of the many handicrafts you can discover at Jharkhand. The history of India carves out its place through the forts and monuments present in abundance in Jharkhand. Within this diverse state lies the beautiful district of Sahibganj, serving as the pillar of art, craft and culture. Set amidst lush greenery, adorned with natural and cultural delights, Sahibganj is visited by travelers in all seasons. The place aids your acquaintance with the rich tribal heritage of India, as it is occupied predominantly by a tribal population. A perfect destination for a family or couple’s trip, visit the following 5 star attractions in Sahibganj, for a blissful vacation.

1. Moti Jharna

One of the many waterfalls present in the pleasing state of Jharkhand, the Moti Jharna in Sahibganj will leave you awestruck. Moti, which means “pearl,” is an apt name for this gem of a cascade, that will was over all your worries. Symbolizing the beauty of a pearl, the running torrents of white, frothy waters are a great source of happiness and wonder for its visitors. Flowing elegantly from the Rajmahal Hills, the place is a celebrated picnic spot. Tourists flock towards this supreme feat of nature, for entertainment, for clicking breathtaking pictures or to simply gain peace of mind.

2. Shivgadi Temple

The iconic Shivgadi Temple is a place of solace for the worshipers of Lord Shiva. Upon visiting this beautiful temple, you will find yourself miraculously seeking blessings inside a cave. The temple is built inside the cave in such a way, that magical feat is achieved. The mountain, within which the cave is carved, drops water eternally on the Shiva Lingam, as if nature itself is serving its Creator. The temple is flocked with worshipers from all walks of life during the holy festival of Mahashivratri.

3. Palamau Tiger Reserve

An abode of wilderness, the Palamau Tiger Reserve is a serene, wondrous and the only Tiger Reserve in the state of Jharkhand. Meet the golden cat of the jungle within the dense and untamed wild of this tiger reserve. Enjoy an adrenaline pumping safari ride on a jeep, where you can stare danger right in its eye and emerge ecstatic from the thrill. Besides tigers, you can also have the chance to witness the glorious elephants, magnificent deer species and some agile leopards. Each flutter of the leaves will make you jump from your seats, in anticipation of the majestic tigers. The sheer brilliance of this reserve will help you connect with the beauty of unadulterated nature. Transgressing through this tiger reserve is the lovely Koel river, where a few lucky ones can view the royal tigers gracefully in taking gulps of water.

4. Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary

The only bird sanctuary in the state of Jharkhand asks for a special mention. Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is special for two reasons, for housing innumerable species of colorful, chirpy migratory birds and for having two picturesque lakes within its compound. Serving as a warm haven for the migratory birds that fly in from Serbia and other cold regions of Europe, the bird sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers. Your visit here can be graced by the pleasing presence of birds like storks, egrets, herons, ibis and lapwings. The flocks of the same feathers can be seen painting the sky in lovely formations and colours. The two lakes, namely Berhale and Pataura act as the assembly ground for various birds to quench their thirst in the sunny weather. Some birds that can spotted around this charming watering hole are teals, gulls and cormorants.

5. Teliagarhi Fort

Named after its builder, Teli Zamindar, the Teliagarhi Fort is a magnificent piece of architecture. This historic edifice is built with beautiful arcs and stone brick interiors, which will appeal to the historian inside you. This ruined fortress is a reminder of the rich heritage that India possesses, that remains hidden and unexplored. Near the fort, is the beautiful Raksisthan Temple built in the year 1819. Head over to this majestic fort to discover about Teli Zamindar and his life history, and how he converted to Islam during the reign of Shah Jahan.

To delve into the uncharted environs of Jharkhand, begin with the exploration of Sahibganj. The place has something in store for everything, be it the wildlife lovers, spirituality seekers or history fanatics. To expand your travelling prowess, visit Sahibganj for a surreal travel experience.

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