5 Best Theme Parks in Pune

Diamond Water Park

The city of Pune is located in Maharashtra and is famous for the highly prestigious educational institutions present here. Over the recent years, it has often been referred to as the “Oxford of the East”. But, where do you think all the fun is? Read our article to explore the fun elements of Pune and their detailed descriptions.  You will be remained awe struck to what this city has to offer.

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Top 10 Picnic Spots in Maharashtra


Maharashtra is one of the frequently travelled tourist state and has various quaint attractions to travel around the city to be spellbound by its inquisitiveness. There are also pictorial and soothing beaches, mouth-watering tidbits and copious other travel sites which are the most visited ones in Maharashtra. While the state has numerous destinations to explore, it is also abundant in relaxing picnic places where you can sit back, enjoy the landscape and spend weekends with those you love. So, what we are enlisting today is a full-fledged list of top 10 picnic spots which are known for their charm and allure to tempt nature lovers and are one of their own kinds to discover in the mesmerizing Maharashtra.

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Top 5 Historical Places and Monuments in Mumbai

Gateway Of India

This metropolitan city has a very rich and varied cultural background. It is overflowing with magnificent monuments and architectural wonders. There is no dearth of historical sites in Mumbai because of its historical significance. The city has grown exponentially in all spheres of industries over the years. Mumbai is an amalgamation of the old and the new. It has not only preserved its history in monuments but has also raised many iconic landmarks in its wake. All of these marvels have only added more beauty to the ever-increasing charm of Mumbai.          

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Top 10 Beaches Near Pune

Mandwa Beach

In this article, we have enlisted the top 10 beaches that are around Pune. So, read the article and start packing your bags for your next trip to some of these amazing beaches.

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Top 10 Haunted Places in Pune

The Shaniwarwada Fort

One of the youngest cities in the country, Pune has an exciting social life. With dreamy concerts and adventures planned almost every weekend, it becomes difficult to spend your Sundays at home. Pune also has a number of culturally important tourist spots that showcase India’s richness and Maharashtrian heritage. But to have a completely out of wits experience, these social and cultural opportunities are not enough. Thankfully, Pune boasts of numerous haunted places that will be just the dose of thrill you need. Hair raising accounts of real life paranormal activities will force you to explore with your group of friends- too scared to venture out alone. Visit these highly acclaimed haunted places in Pune for a chillingly exciting experience.

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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Maharashtra


Maharashtra is known for being a lot of things. It has religious shrines and monuments dedicated to different religions like Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. It also has caves, temples and forts that are historical, architectural and natural marvels. It also is known as the pinnacle of modern India, with flashy skyscraper and lights for the mainstream, and adventure sports for the offbeat. You know what the combination of all these gives one? A first-rate honeymoon destination! If you are packing your bags for spending the special vacay with the special someone here, worry not! We have just what you need, a compilation of the 5 best honeymoon destinations in this wonderland.

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Top 7 Festivals of Maharashtra

Ganesh Chaturthi

India is a land with rich cultural legacy. Her differences are what keep her together and each Indian state has its own traditional values and cultural legacy. You might have heard the saying that,” rugged terrains often produce tough warriors”. It is never truer than in the case of Maharashtra.

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Top 10 Resorts in Igatpuri

Savana Lake Resort

A part of the Nashik Municipality district of the state of Maharashtra, this scenic hill station is a popular weekend getaway and vacation spot. It lies amid the Sahyadri Hill ranges, and is home to the Agri tribe. Places to see include Arthur Lake, Ghantadevi Temple, Kalsubai Peak, Tringalwadi Fort, Amruteshwar Temple, Camel Valley etc. Resorts and hotels are built on an abundant scale to house all tourists who find their way here. The best resorts in Igatpuri are mentioned below.

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Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad

Ajanta Caves

Visitor Information

  • Famous For: Cave paintings, Indian architecture and art form, Basalt rock caves, Buddhist sculptures, Kailasa Temple
  • Entrance Fee: The entry fees are quite nominal. They are used by ASI for the maintenance of the caves. They are as follows: Children below 15 years: Free of cost, Indians above 15 years: Rs. 30, For individuals from SAARC (Bangladesh/Myanmar/Sri Lanka/Pakistan/Maldives/Nepal/Bhutan): Rs. 30, For individuals from countries other than SAARC: Rs. 500, For still camera/video camera: Rs. 25
  • Visiting Time: The caves are open all round the year for visits. The cave tour timings are limited to 0900 – 1730 hours. Mondays are the weekly holidays for the authorities.
  • Visiting Duration: Once you enter the caves you will notice there is a lot to explore there. Because of its vast size, it easily takes 2-3 hours for a visitor to tour the caves. It is better to plan the rest of your day accordingly.

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