5 Best Theme Parks in Pune

The city of Pune is located in Maharashtra and is famous for the highly prestigious educational institutions present here. Over the recent years, it has often been referred to as the “Oxford of the East”. But, where do you think all the fun is? Read our article to explore the fun elements of Pune and their detailed descriptions.  You will be remained awe struck to what this city has to offer.

1. Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica
Photo by Aaditya Bardhan, CC BY-SA 2.0

Adlaba Imagica is all that you have been ever looking for. Often called the best theme park in Pune, it has a wide range of entertainment and rides. The family rides include boating, various movies, tea cup rides and detective activities. The kids can have a gala time as they ride with their favourite cartoons like Tubby or have fun falling with Humpty Dumpty. For all you adventure lovers, there are rides like Dare to Drop, Roller Coasters, Deep space and the very exciting Scream machine. Get your adrenalines gushing through the body as you enjoy your time with family and friends.  This park also has in store some of the most popular cultural programmes staged. It includes hip hop dancing, magic shows and bikers too. Not for one moment will you get bored in here. Adlabs also has offers for specific days of the week. You can check their website for detailed information.

2. Diamond Water Park

Diamond Water Park
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Glide your way in to this wonderful water park for a chilled day. It is a great place to visit with your family and friends and the atmosphere in here is sure to brighten your mood. Apart from the family and kids pool the Diamond Water Park has a lot of interesting options. Don’t be surprised to find yourself sliding through a tunnel and landing in a pool of water- rides like Cyclone and octopus are great options. If you are in the mood for some party and dancing, run to the rain dance floor. For all the romantics, there are couple rides too. Diamond Water Park shall disappoint none. Don’t miss out on all the fun.

3. Appu Ghar

Appu Ghar
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If you are looking forward to having a nice brunch or picnic with your loved ones, visiting Appu Ghar can be the best option for you.  Situated in the foot of hills, it is a nice area to spend some pleasant time in the company of both family and friends. Also, Appu Ghar is the oldest amusement park in the heart of Pune standing strong since 1992. If the group is large you can opt for packages that cater to groups of various kinds including schools and colleges. Rides like stricking cars, appu Columbus, bhoot bangla and merry go rounds keep the fun quotient high. A new and interesting touch that has been added by the management society is a documentary that features the forts of Maharashtra and explains the history of each to the audience. Informative and fun, what more could you possibly ask for?

4. Panshet Water Park

Visitors have loved this love. The Panshet Water Park is most loved by folks who are fond of water and swimming. A variety of water-activities take place here including swimming, water kayaking, speed boats and even water bikes. This is a great place to hangout with a bunch of friends. The food and accommodation facilities in the park are also pretty good. Overall, the picturesque view and the company of loved ones never fail to make a good pair, isn’t it?

5. Sentosa Water Park

Sentosa Water Park
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You can expect a luxurious stay in Sentosa Water Park which is accommodated with a beautiful resort. The experience is one that you shall never forget. Located on the Mumbai-Pune Highway, Sentosa has high water rides to give you a great time and the best arrangements to make your stay worth it. The wave pools, rain dance along with slides are all a part of this beauty. The rides are very safe too. Enjoy sumptuous food and make some best memories in your next visit here.

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