Top 10 Romantic Places in Pune

Every day is Valentine’s Day when you have your darling with you. So why can’t you plan the perfect date, each time you go out, rather than focusing on that one day? The ambience can definitely set the stage for brewing romance and here we have mapped out some of the most romantic places in Pune, to take your loved one out for a date.

1. Lavasa

Photo by Sooraj Shajahan, CC BY 2.0

The land is already famous for its rugged terrain thanks to the Ghats, and Lavasa compliments this quite well. And it comes as a surprise when you come to know that the place is actually man-made! Yes, guys this beautiful hill station is actually strategically constructed by the Lavasa Corporation. The city is a trending place for couples; mainly because of it lush hills, panoramic views and pristine atmosphere, not to mention ample secluded spots.

2. Parvati Hills

Parvati Hills
Photo by Siddhesh Nampurkar, CC BY-SA 3.0

Take a break from all that hectic life and go spiritual at least for a while. The Parvati Hills is famed for its historic temples built during the reign of the Peshwas. The Hundred and three steps lead to the main temple- the Devadeveshwara Temple. The Parvati hills welcome you with bhajans and music blending in the air. It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or not, it’s the panoramic view and the historic antiquity that matters the most.

3. Vetal Hill

Vetal Hill
Photo by Pakshya, CC BY-SA 3.0

The highest point in Pune, the Vetal Hill is a trekker’s delight. If you and your lover are into adventure then you can undertake a trekking expedition to the Vetal Hills. A classic view of the entire city can be glimpsed from this peak and the hills are surrounded by dry forests. There is a Vetala Temple located on top of the hill. With ample rest stops, the Vetal hills give you the best trekking experience in Pune.

4. World of Veg

If your darling is a vegan and you want to impress her then just book a table at the World of Veg. It is quite difficult to find a perfect meal for a vegan, but the World of Veg makes it a whole lot easier. Choose this roof –top restaurant for casual dining and indulge in the local cuisines and catch a glimpse of the Shivaji Nagar and surrounding landscapes.

5. Sinhagad

Photo by Dhinal Chheda, CC BY 2.0

If your loved one craves for some adventure take her to the Sinhagad Fort. The fort screams classic and the trek to the place, encapsulated by the Sahyadris is itself a challenging task. But you will be rewarded by the ruins of Sinhagad Fort stage to many battles and prowess. As a bonus, you also get a panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes and a glimpse at the Sahyradris.

6. Shaniwarwada

Photo by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner, CC BY-SA 2.0

If you have admired the lush gardens in the film Bajirao Mastani, setting the stage to the romantic hues of Bajirao and Mastani, then you can take your loved one to these magical sets. The garden is encapsulated in the Shaniwarwada– the ancient fortification of the city of Pune. Revel in architectural and scenic wonders of the place and rekindle your love life, like that of Bajirao and his sweetheart.

7. Tanaji Sagar Dam

Commonly known as Panchet Dam, the place is famed for its panoramic view of the Sahyradris and the backwaters. The place is full of lush greenery, with giant trees and tall shrubs. Is there any doubt that the dam is a favourite picnic spot for friends, families and couples alike? Lots of picturesque sights to enjoy and plenty of secluded spots for privacy, Tanaji Sagar Dam is definitely a getaway for loved ones.

8. Osho Garden

Osho Garden
Photo by Sanyambahga, CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are a serious thinker and your loved one craves for that kind of sophistication from you, then take her to the Osho Garden where silence is savoured every second. Enclosed within the Koregaon Park the Osho Garden is serenity at its epitome. The clear ambience and the tranquil atmosphere it produces sure takes away all the stress and tension from you giving you a better chance to compose yourselves before you head back to the bustling city.

9. Lohagad

Photo by Dinesh Valke, CC BY-SA 2.0

Surrounded by ancient ruins of a bygone era, overgrown by plush green forests and a mystical lake right in its midst Lohagad is an epitome of nature’s many wonders. It’s like a painted picture which jumped right off the frame. Lohagad is famous for the tranquillity it magically brings over her visitors with the crystal-clear waters and pristine forests.

10. Lonavala

Rajmachi Point, Photo by Ravinder Singh Gill, CC BY-SA 2.0

I saved the best for the last. Encapsulated with mesmerising greens Lonavala is perhaps the most romantic place in Pune. Lonavala hill station is beauty at its epitome. If you have ever seen a picture of Lonavala you will know that it is indeed a lover’s paradise. When a place has rocky edges, beautiful waterfalls, streams, peaks and lush greenery all over, what more can you ask for? Lonavala is also perfect for an adventure getaway with hot air balloon rides, paragliding, trekking, and rock climbing and even canoeing and rafting, depending on the seasons.

Pune has something to offer all kinds of love birds out there. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the adrenaline rush or a romantic candle light dinner or just a calm and serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city, because Pune has it all.

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