Top 5 Places to Visit in Uttan-Gorai

These towns are located near Mumbai and are a getaway from the bustling metropolitan. Uttan- Gorai in Maharashtra have been recently developed by the state ministry as tourist hubs. Thus, these areas try to make their living off the limited visitors that they do get. The town remains rather untouched by throngs of visitors. The place thus remains undiscovered. It is ideal for those looking for a quiet weekend, to rejuvenate oneself.

1. Pagoda Temple

Pagoda Temple
Photo by Francisco Antunes, CC BY-SA 2.0

Gorai houses the Global Vipassana Pagoda. The vipassana center allows people to come and meditate and find a path of self-actualization. Vipassana helps an individual internalize their senses and control their breathing. This not only helps increase concentration but also helps one resolve inner conflicts and turmoil. Vipassana is an art that is being passed down for years and has been preserved in this vipassana center that is one amongst the many that are located in various parts of India as also the world.

2. Essel World

Essel World
Photo by Jeremy Keith, CC BY-SA 2.0

Essel world amusement park is located in Gorai. There are many rides here that are thrilling and a sure delight. The park is famous for its Water kingdom that has many fun rides. The amusement park stretches over an area of about sixty-four acres. The park is among the best in India. It holds this prestigious rank from the year it was inaugurated that is in 1989. The amusement park is a location for fun and buffoonery for the young ones.

3. Gorai Beach

Gorai Beach
Photo by Kishore.easwaran, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Gorai beach is a rather tranquil and peaceful. Every few kilometers you would find the place spotted with shacks. The beach is a site for fun and frolic for all. At the first light of the sun, you would see the fisherman going about to their work. The whole day the beach would be visited by different groups run about in the golden sands and play in the clear waters. At night those solitary shacks turn into party spots and the music is played into the night.

4. Camping

Uttan is famous for the many beautiful camping spots that it has. These niches are soothing as well as beautiful. In the morning, the sun’s rays provide a gentle wake-up call and at night the stars lull one into sleep. There are many picturesque campsites in the small town of Uttan. Campers call camping trips here almost therapeutic. It embalms the soul and soothes the spirit. People who visit this place once often make it a habit to come back. This place is thus famous among bikers who pack their tents and are on the move once the weekend is over.

5. Keshav Srushti Picnic Spot

The picnic spot is a sprawling estate that spreads across almost two hundred acres. Keshav Srushti picnic spot is privately owned and thus charges a nominal price of one fifty rupees to see all the wonders that lie within its walls. The gardens have many picnic spots. It has artificially made ponds and hillocks. The lush greenery that is bestowed in the confines of the area leaves one breathless. That are some rule that needs to be followed in regards to kind of food items that can be carried in and so on. But following them seems no hassle when in the end, you get to enjoy with the ones you love.

The coastal villages for a very long time were inhabited by the Portuguese. Today, Gorai – Uttan is filled with a small fishing community that works day in and out. Despite this, the town has a laid-back feel. This makes it an ideal spot to relax and reenergize oneself at.

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