14 Best Weekend Resorts Near Pune

When you’re looking for a getaway from the bustling city life, there is nowhere like Pune to fulfil your wishes. Although now a growing city, Pune was once a weekend retreat sort of hill station with a quite distinct charm. But don’t be repelled, for there are still some great opportunities in and around Pune to go out and get soaking in some relaxation. Whether you’re a luxury resort person or a lover of budget weekend retreats, Pune has got it all to match your standards. So, grab your backpack and fill it up as you read the following kickass weekend resorts in and near Pune.

1. The Corinthians

The Corinthians
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Luxury and relaxation come together in this extremely popular hotel resort of Pune located on NIBM road. The Corinthians is known for the fact that although it is within the city limits, it is perched over a quiet location. There is hardly any polluted noise to ruin your weekend, and the luxurious treatment that guests receive here is nothing short of attractive. Spas, yoga spaces, indoor and outdoor games, and food that is essentially multi-cuisine, makes this luxury resort a highly appealing factor for the locals as well as tourists from nearby towns.

  • Location: Nyati County, NIBM Annexe.
  • Distance from Pune: 12kms

2.  Centurion Spring Hills Holiday Resort

Centurion Spring Hills Holiday Resort
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One of Pune’s most well-known and adored resorts is the Centurion Spring Hills Holiday Resort. With the hills and lush lawns giving it a perfect backdrop, Spring Hills is a charming resort near Pune. Suites and Rooms that offer a magnificent view along with an utterly relaxing atmosphere, Spring Hills is a favourite of the locals of Pune and nearby towns.

  • Location: Lavasa Link Road
  • Distance from Pune: 25kms

3. Sentosa Resort

Sentosa Resort
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The reason Sentosa Resort garnered popularity was that it has a water-park pretty close to Pune than anywhere else. People of any and every age are easily attracted towards Sentosa Resort due to its relaxing features, including an exciting water resort that, luxury suites and rooms, rich greenery and lawns, multi-cuisine restaurants etc. Families are especially interested in Sentosa because of the water-park, where kids are generally allured towards.

  • Location: Near Ravet
  • Distance from Pune: 22kms

4. Ambrosia Resort

Ambrosia Resort
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Considered to be one of the most well-maintained and best of the resorts in or nearby Pune, Ambrosia Resort has a background of lush hills with it giving guests the feeling of being right in the lap of nature. A pretty café, standard as well as luxury rooms, cocktails, cakes and pastries, there’s something for children and adults to make your next weekend getaway the ideal one.

  • Location: Bavdhan
  • Distance from Pune: 15kms

5. Rutugandh Resort

Rutugandh Resort
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Indoor and outdoor games, suites, villas and bungalows, splashy pools, children’s playgrounds and the mesmeric view of the Khadakwasla lake bring an amazing appeal to Rutugandh Resort. There’s luxury and quietude to keep you rightly relaxed and breathing the pure air around. If that isn’t enough to attract you, there’s also senior citizen packages for the special attention for everyone!

  • Location: Panshet Road
  • Distance from Pune: 25kms

6. Camp Temgarh Resort

Camp Temgarh Resort
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Lavasa being a huge attraction in itself, Camp Temgarh’s location on the way to it makes the journey all the more interesting. There’s options of staying in cottages or tents, suites or usual rooms, and you can pick whichever one you wish. Even the mere pictures of Camp Temgarh are alluring enough to get you right up to the destination and have the time of your life. An open river and sport equipment make it everything you’d ever want.

  • Location: Lavasa Road
  • Distance from Pune: 30kms

7. Saj Resorts

Saj Resorts
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What more can you ask for when there’s a spread of lush green draped across 5 acres of a resort? It’s enough to keep you calm and soothed, all with the addition of cafes out in the open where you can observe the pretty exterior of Saj Resorts. Modern facilities, playgrounds for children, outdoor activities, and yoga opportunities for some cool and calm from a loud week in the city. Mahabaleshwar is also pretty close by.

  • Location: Kalyan to Ahmednagar road
  • Distance from Pune: 114kms

8. Malhar Machi

Malhar Machi
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9. The Lake Weekend Resort

The Lake Weekend Resort
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Run away from the noise and hush of the city life and lay down on the greenery that surrounds almost every part of the Lake Weekend Resort. It is truly an enlivening natural atmosphere that is sure to make you want to stay there forever. There’s pottery classes, cycling routes, adventure tours and heartening morning walk paths to start off your weekend absolutely afresh.

  • Location: Village Saiv Khurd
  • Distance from Pune: 70 kms

10. Elysium Resorts

Elysium Resorts
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Grandeur, luxury and a royal time away from the city, Elysium Resorts is one of the best near Pune. Sports opportunities like table tennis, football and badminton, you can have a great time within this adventurous yet calming location. Spas and massage therapy centres are easily available in Elysium.

  • Location: Alibaug
  • Distance from Pune: 130kms

11. Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort
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It’s not just a namesake when you say Paradise Resort, since it truly does feel like you’ve ascended right up to a heavenly abode. You can feel like you’re staying in a Kerala cottage within these pretty accommodations, spas, relaxing tents, spas, luxury suites. There’s also opportunities of requesting therapies and massages at your own expense!

  • Location: Taluka Velhe
  • Distance from Pune: 43kms

12. Balaji Resort

Balaji Resort
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The most perfect weekend getaway near Pune as voted by the locals is the Balaji Resort. There’s a picturesque environment, a tranquil pool, a backdrop of heritage locations, and rivers giving it a pretty stream. Balaji Resort is loved by locals of Pune and nearby towns just as equally along with tourists and travellers from far away.

  • Location: Khariv Bandhara
  • Distance from Pune: 44kms

13. Mantra Resort

Mantra Resort
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A luxury lawn and comfort are waiting pleasantly for you to leave all your troubles behind and arrive at the Mantra Resort where you’re guaranteed to have the very time of your life. With tourist locations like Bahrot Caves, Bordi Beach, and Depchari Dam, Mantra Resort has a fancy atmosphere and the weekends here are nothing but perfect.

  • Location: Kajali Village
  • Distance from Pune: 57kms

14. Osho International Meditation Resort

Osho International Meditation Resort
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Located right in Pune’s lovely lap, the Osho International Meditation Centre is everything a yoga lover and a meditation enthusiast is looking for. You can leave all your problems away and have a relaxing time within the Osho Resort to have a very quiet time. Yoga lovers find it absolutely ideal a location.

  • Location: Koregaon Park

Pune’s reputation of being a tranquil weekend getaway destination precedes itself, and since there is everything for everyone in this developing yet medieval Maharashtrian city, you can explore a lot just through one visit.

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