Top 25 Haunted Places in India

When it comes to stories of ghosts or supernatural beings or secrets of palaces, India is definitely one of the frontrunners. Be it films, television serials, novels, or the grandma stories, you will find stories of ghosts everywhere in India. The old forts, palaces, buildings or any abandoned place will have a supernatural story to tell. Some believe, some don’t, yet there are stories that have come down from generations. These stories do have a certain appealing factor to it due to the mystery in it or the curiosity in knowing strange happenings. If you have grown up liking such stories and those abandoned or mysterious places have been a matter of interest to you, then you will be happy to know that there are several places in India that are famous as haunted places, where locals and even outsiders afraid to venture.

So, if you are an adventure junkie, then here are the 25 places in India that are said to be haunted and usually, not visited by people at night. If you have the courage, go on and explore the unknown! There are forts, villages, hotels, a chawl and even a film city amongst them!

1. Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan

Photo by A Frequent Traveller, CC BY 2.0

It is definitely one of the most haunted places in India and it was even featured in a TV show about the haunted places in India. Bhangarh is a town in Alwar in Rajasthan and is called as a spooky place. Bhangarh fort, though, known as haunted, is also a tourist destination, but no one is allowed inside the fort at night. There are also warnings about not to be roaming around the area after sunset. The story goes that a magician wanted to marry a princess from the region but since it was not possible, he decided to cast a spell on her but on learning about this, the princess got the magician killed. But the magician before dying cast a spell on the palace and the whole place was doomed due to this.

2. Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune, Maharashtra

Photo (Cropped) by Ramnath Bhat, CC BY 2.0

Forts do have strange stories to narrate, may be, because of their connection with powerful rulers and their mysterious life. The Shaniwarwada fort in Pune is a famous tourist place and is admired for its architectural beauty. But there is another side to it as night arrives. Many who have been at the fort during nights have heard screaming and shrieking voices. It is said that a young peshwa had to ascend the throne at 16 much to his uncle’s dislike. The latter ordered the prince to be killed. While fleeing from attackers, he shouted for help, screaming in Marathi, “Kaka, mala vachwa”, meaning, “Uncle, please save me”. Even today, it can be heard at nights, especially during New Moon Night. The story really sends a chill down your spine. If you want to experience it, do visit it once.

3. Jatinga in Assam

Photo (Cropped) by PhBasumata, CC BY-SA 2.0

This is a peculiar story, not related to human beings, yet feared. Jatinga is a lovely village in Assam, but it has become a curious case after year after year, migratory birds were found to be dead. Earlier, it was thought that there must have been some natural causes but since it started happening every year, there have been studies to find out the reason but no one has been able to find the exact case yet. The place is now known as the place of bird suicides. It is said that the birds plunge to their death on moonless nights especially in the month of September and October and between 6 to 9.30 pm. Since it is believed that this phenomenon has been occurring since centuries, Jatinga is a place where even the brave does not dare to venture out during the moonless nights.

4. Kuldhara in Rajasthan

Photo by timeflicks, CC BY-ND 2.0

Since Rajasthan is a state of palaces and there are abundant stories of kings and queens of the past, there are many places in the state that are known to be haunted. One such place is Kuldhara village in the state. The fact that the whole village is abandoned and that too since 1800s do point out that there is something strange in these villages.  It is said that in 1825, one night, all the occupants of 83 villages, including Kuldhara just disappeared. No one knew how or where they went. As it was believed to a cursed place, the village is even today unoccupied and stands as a haunted place.

5. Writer’s Building in Kolkata, West Bengal

Photo by Adam Jones, CC BY-SA 2.0

Writer’s Building may be one of the landmarks of Kolkata and one of the most famous buildings in India but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most haunted places in India. Locals believe that the ghost of a British man, named Captain Simpson, still roams about in the building as he was murdered here decades ago. Many have claimed to hear footsteps and noises at night.

6. The Mansion in Pune, Maharashtra

A mere look at it and you will feel there is something not right about it. The Mansion is an abandoned and dilapidated building which is scary enough to even visit it during the day. Locals say that they hear strange voices, screams, crazy laughter at night.

7. The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota, Rajasthan

The palace is a heritage hotel now but yet; it is believed that it is haunted. During the 1857 uprising, a British Named Major Burton and his sons were shot dead in Brij Raj Bhavan palace. It is said that his ghost wanders around the palace and many people have claimed to have seen the ghost.

8. Raj Kiran Hotel in Lonavala, Maharashtra

There is one room in Raj Kiran hotel that is said to house a supernatural being but the whole hotel is regarded as a spooky one. This room is situated on the ground floor, and behind the reception area. Occupants of the room have claimed that some invisible force have pulled off their bed sheets and that these sheets would remain in that positing for some time, even though they left the bed, while some have said that they have seen a blue light at their feet. No wonder, no one stays in that room. If you are brave enough and interested to meet the ghost occupant, do try staying in the room for at least one night.

9. Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Photo (Cropped) by Nick Kenrick, CC BY 2.0

Hotels have their own spooky stories to narrate. While most ghosts are nameless, the ghost of Savoy hotel has a name. A woman named Lady Garnet Orme is believed to have been murdered in one of the rooms and ever since, guests staying at the hotel and even staff have claimed to have seen the ghost of Lady Orme wandering around the hotel premises making strange noises.

10. Dumas Beach in Surat, Gujarat

Photo by Marwada, CC BY-SA 3.0

Dumas beach is a beautiful beach along the Arabian Sea and is famous for its black sand, one of the rare such places, as usually, sand in beaches is white. The place is also known for many mystical incidents. It is said that people who have passed by the beach at night have disappeared and were never found again. Some say at night whispers are heard. In fact, there is a sign that warns people not to go beyond a certain point. But if you wish to know the truth and want to hear the whispers, then you should visit the beach and take a stroll at night.

11. Dow Hill in Darjeeling, West Bengal

There is the Dow Hill Boarding School in the area which is said to be haunted and that people have seen ghosts around it. There is a forest around the school which adds to the mystic stories. It is said that there were many murders in the forest years ago and that is why ghosts have been roaming here.

12. Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, Telangana

Photo by ShashiBellamkonda, CC BY 2.0

It is one of the biggest film cities in the world and definitely, the most popular spot for shooting films. There are also a number of hotels within the film city where strange happenings were reported. There were stories of lights falling from top on light men, food being strewn all around, strange markings made on the mirror and so on. It seems the ghost here hates women more than men. Some girls have said that their clothes were torn off by even when there were no one near them or someone knocking at their bathroom doors even if there have been no one in the room and so on. It is said that the authorities have taken many steps to prevent such occurrences but it still happens. Thus, Ramoji Film City is also known for its spookiness as it is known for the glamour associated with it.

13. D’Souza Chawl in Mumbai, Maharashtra

D’Souza Chawl looks abandoned as people are afraid to be anywhere near it in dark. It is said that a woman fell into a well and died after crying for help. Even today, people say that they have witnessed a woman roaming about the well and the surroundings at night.

14. Sanjay Van in New Delhi

Photo by Mank DK, CC BY-SA 4.0

Remember, the 1964 film, ‘Woh Kaun Thi’, starring Manoj Kumar and Sadhana? There is a scene in which Manoj Kumar sees a beautiful Sadhana clad in a white saree entering a cemetery and disappearing into it. Many people have claimed that they have seen this for real at the cremation ground in Sanjay Van in New Delhi. It is a forest area and is believed to have been haunted.

15. GP Block in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

GP Block is surely a party place for ghosts as many who have passed by the area at night claimed to have seen four ghosts sitting around a candle having drinks. There are also stories of a young woman wandering around wearing a red dress. That is why, many avoid going to the place at night but there are the adventure loving ones, who do like to check it out. Anyway, it is one of the most haunted places in India and also one of the most visited as well, owing to the curiosity the place generates.

16. The Vrindavan Society in Thane, Maharashtra

Vrindavan Society is one of the famous and popular housing societies in Thane which stands like any housing society in the country, with children playing, people living their normal life and going about in and out. But many residents and guards have reported sightings of strange happenings. Like, once a guard was slapped so hard by someone that he just fell from his chair but they couldn’t see anyone. Residents are afraid to venture out during dark and many see to it that they do not return to the society or leave it at nights. It is said that a man in one of the flats committed suicide some years ago and that it is his spirit which wanders around the society premises at night.

17. Agrasen ki Baoli in New Delhi

Photo by Varun Shiv Kapur, CC BY 2.0

Agrasen ki Baoli is a famous tourist site as it is an ancient step well with a unique design and beautiful architecture. The well is believed to have been built centuries ago. Though there are no reports of ghost sightings, many have said that they have felt somebody following them as they walked around the well and if they walked faster, then the speed of the steps also increased.

18. Mukesh Mills in Mumbai, Maharashtra

There are many abandoned mills in Mumbai and look haunted. Mukesh mills had to be closed down after it was gutted by a huge fire in 1980. It has been abandoned since then and today, it serves as a location for shooting films. Many actors and directors have reported supernatural activities and thus, many refuse to shoot here.

19. Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Photo by Nichalp, CC BY-SA 2.5

Sanjay Gandhi national park is a well-known tourist site and one of the greener places in Mumbai. Some who have passed the park at night have claimed to have seen a woman dressed in white asking for a ride. Even guards who work at the park have confirmed the story. That is why, the park is avoided at night and locals too do not venture out after sunset.

20. Delhi Cantonment Area

Though during the day, Delhi Cantonment area looks green and a great place to spend some time strolling, come night and the place gains a spooky image as a haunted place. There have been stories of a woman asking for a ride for people passing by in vehicles and even chasing them and also catching up with the vehicle, no matter how fast the vehicle is.

21. National Library in Kolkata, West Bengal

Photo by Avrajyoti Mitra, CC BY-SA 2.0

National library is one of the best libraries in India but also known as a haunted place. The stories of ghosts inside the library became more intriguing after 12 workers were killed in an accident at the site during the renovation work. It is also said that a student lost his life while he was at the library one night. That is why, guards fear to work during night shifts.

22. Aleya Ghost Lights in West Bengal

Photo by Tuohirulla, Public Domain

It is said that a mysterious light appears in the marshes in the region at night. Many fishermen have claimed to have seen Aleya ghost lights. While on many occasions, the presence of the light has helped fishermen from falling into the marshy land, there have been times when these lights shocked them out of their wits.

23. Three Kings Church in Consua, Goa

It is a church and named so, so that, itself is a mystery. Three Kings Church was explored by the members of Indian Paranormal Society who also experience strange occurrences at the church. It is believed that three kings fought with each other for the property where the Church stands and that they eventually killed each other. It is said that their ghosts still wander about in the church, which many locals have claimed to have witnessed.

24. Malcha Mahal in New Delhi

Located in a forest behind the Buddha Garden, Malcha Mahal is regarded as one the spookiest places in India. Many paranormal activities were reported at the premise and people do not dare to venture into this area.

25. The Lambi Dehar Mines in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Lambi Dehar mines became notorious after many mine workers died here due to unsafe conditions. It is said that at least half a million workers have died here. The mines were eventually shut down. It is not all. There have been incidents of many unusual deaths at the place even after that and accidents were a norm here even after the mine’s shutting down. That is why locals keep away from the place.

Visiting a place that is known to be haunted is an adventure in itself. There are many who dare to visit such places as some go to confirm the stories while some daredevils want to bust them. Whatever the reason might be, these places may be shunned by locals but they are sure a hit with tourists. That is why, these places, in addition to being the top haunted places, they are also the top tourist destinations. That is also strange, isn’t it?

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