Top 10 Waterfalls Near Mumbai

Monsoon always brings the best color of nature back to life. Starting from the first spell of rain, greenery starts to sprout and this is the best time to visit the nearby waterfalls and streams. If you live in Mumbai or its outskirts, then a trip to the nearby waterfalls during monsoon is something you should never miss. The Konkan region is gifted with a terrain that is home to spurting waterfalls which come to full vigor after the rains. The voluminous streams flowing hastily and milky white waterfalls are a soothing sight to the eyes. Here are Top 10 Waterfalls near Mumbai to make your monsoon weekend cheerful.

1. Bhivpuri Waterfalls

Photo by Shlokmane, CC BY-SA 4.0

Situated near Karjat, a walk to the hills through Sainik Nagar will take you to Bhivpuri waterfalls. As it is very near to the city of Mumbai, Bhivpuri is the first choice for many travelers due to which the weekends are a little crowded here during the monsoons. The waterfall looks majestic nestled along the hills and green forest. This is a fun place to visit with your friends.

2. Malshej Ghat

Photo by Ankur P, CC BY-SA 2.0

Malshej is a seasonal tourist spot which gets lively during the months between July and September. The gushing streams and waterfall at this place is spot on. Malshej Ghat is home to a variety of flora and fauna and a lot of migratory birds too. This place witnesses a lot of tourists and adventure enthusiasts who flock in for trekking, rock climbing, and weekend outings.

3. Vangani Waterfalls

Also known as Bhagirath waterfalls, this place is located in Bedis village near Vangani railway station. A two-hour ride from Mumbai will take you to Vangani waterfalls. It is a quite little place where you can have a day off with your loved ones with complete privacy. You can grab some snacks and have a picnic watching the frothing water and tortuous streams. A dam known as Bhagirath dam is situated just near the waterfalls which get sparkling after the rain.

4. Pandavkada Falls

Photo (Cropped) by Biswajit Patra, CC BY 3.0

Pandavkada falls are situated in Kharghar near Navi Mumbai. According to Hindu mythology, the Pandavas are said to have taken shelter here during their exile from which the waterfall gets its name. The water here plunges down from a height of above a hundred meter forming froths as it hits the rocks beneath. The view is really stunning during the monsoons when the foam of water tumbles down along the backdrop of Pandavkada hills.

5. Randha Falls

Photo by Ankur P, CC BY-SA 2.0

The waterfalls and a trek through the nearby forest is a great weekend idea during the rainy season. The falls descend down from a height of 170 m offering a lovely view point to the tourists. Randha falls are located near Bhandardhara which is a fun place to visit during a weekend getaway. The nearby attractions include Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake. Adventure enthusiasts can trek to Mount Kalsubai or Ratnagad fort.

6. Lingmala Falls

Photo by Karthik Easvur, CC BY-SA 4.0

Lingmala falls are situated on the Mahabaleshwar-Pune route and offers breathtaking views from July to December. The waterfall descends from a height of 500 ft. and you can have a great view from the viewpoint or take a dip in the fresh gush of water. The landscape is serene and there is a mini fall which is just a few minutes away from the main fall.

7. Mulshi Dam Falls

Mulshi Dam and Tamini Ghat reveal nature in its true beauty during the rainy season. A cascading row of eight waterfalls adorn Mulshi Dam and are known as Ashtadhara waterfalls. They later join to form a single waterfall. Misty clouds and green forests of Sahyadri hills are a photographer’s delight. The place is very near to Pune and is ideal for a weekend trip from the city where you can grab some local food and have a good time with your loved ones.

8. Chinchoti Waterfalls

Any nature lover would have a memorable time with a monsoon trek to the Chinchoti waterfalls. There are more than a couple of falls with cold and bubbly water gushing down the stream. The thick greenery of the forest and foggy mountains form the perfect background. Near Tungeshwar waterfall, a temple along the hills and Kamandurg peak are the other attractions.

9. Zenith Falls

Zenith falls, located near Khopoli railway station is a popular destination for the locals near Pune and Mumbai. You can reach the falls after a walk through the ridges and narrow pathways. Greenery and the chilling air are truly refreshing if you have had a hectic week in the city. The place is a popular rock climbing destination when the monsoon is over.

10. Thoseghar Waterfall

Photo by VikasHegde, CC BY-SA 3.0

A little farther from Mumbai is the district of Satara which is home to a myriad of waterfalls. One such waterfall is Thoseghar where bubbling water plunges down the gorge. This place has a great viewpoint and fresh air which can rejuvenate your senses. The greenery and copious trees pave the way to the waterfall.

Come monsoon, do not spend your weekend brooding over the never ending spells of rain. Go on a trip to some of these beautiful places as they liven up with greenery. Just be careful about the slippery rocks as they could be dangerous. Hop on a ride in the rain with your friends or loved ones and spend some time under the chattily rills and forests, it is only going to brighten up those rainy days. And here is a bonus, if you are lucky enough, you will manage to see rainbows painting the sky with seven colors.

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