Top 10 Things To Do In Mumbai

The liveliest, most exciting and adored city of India is Mumbai. It is the city of new beginnings, endless possibilities, unexpected opportunities and so many things that mere words cannot contain. This bustling and sparkling and it’s fast paced life is an attraction that none can miss, and if you’re a tourist looking for things to do in Mumbai, you’ll run out of time because one cannot explore this beautiful, energetic city in one lifetime. But there are some things that you can well do in this short life. Presenting, the top ten most fun things to do in Mumbai.

1. Street Food

Photo by Deepeshmd, CC BY 3.0

If you want the true taste of India, you’ll never miss out on the delicious, lip-smacking food that the noisy streets of Mumbai have to offer. Relish some hot and spicy vada-pav or a round of tangy panipuri with your friends or family and rest assured you’re never going to forget the street food of Mumbai. If you’re taking a stroll through the Bhendi Bazaar and Minara Masjid area, the peppery cuisine is something you cannot avoid. If you’re a foodie then this is the place to be.

2. City Tour

Take a trip in the famous ‘Mumbai Darshan’ double decked bus that will take you through the most popular and lively parts of the city. Be it the Irani Cafe, the Shivaji Terminus, Flora Fountain, The Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Nariman Point, Hanging Garden etc. you will be taken to all of these places so you can proudly recall them all after you’ve gone home. Spend a day touring the city and you certainly will have the experience of a lifetime.

3. Markets

The colourful, rich and extremely interesting streets of Mumbai are filled with gems of markets that are favorites of locals as well as tourists. You can get cheap yet sturdy stuff in the stalls and bargain to your heart’s content. Towards the end of the day, you’ll go home with full bags and a day of fun and joy that you probably haven’t experienced in another city. Mumbai’s favorite markets are the Mangaldas Market and the Flower Gallia—the century old flower market that is still going strong.

4. Kayaking

Photo by Thruxton, CC BY 3.0

A cherry on top of your tour in Mumbai would be a Kayaking trip at none other than the famous Chowpatty. Bring out the adventurous child in you and go ahead for a stimulating kayaking experience with your friends.

5. Cycling Trip

Ever tried to manoeuvre through the traffic of Mumbai on a bicycle? Well, here’s your chance! You can take a cycling tour throughout the most noted locations of the city and have the time of your life as you rush through the swarming crowds of South Mumbai.

6. Local Trains

Mumbai is identified by its local trains. Isn’t that the first thing that one thinks of upon hearing the name ‘Mumbai’? Local trains are the lifeline of the city, and it wouldn’t be Mumbai if not for the cramped, jam-packed trains that are the most preferred transport system of the city. For a tourist, it is the most thrilling and adrenaline pumping experience ever. So if you visit Mumbai, don’t forget to hop onto one of the trains!

7. Film City

For a movie buff, visiting the Film City is a must. This is where most of the movies and TV shows are shot, and you can get the chance to visit the sets of one of your favorite shows and meet your favorite stars if you’re lucky. Even on the streets you might find one or two film shootings going on if you’re at the right place at the right time.

8. Keelboat Sailing

The cool, tranquil breeze traversing around you will leave you entranced while you leave every sorrow behind and enjoy a heart-pumping sail in a Keelboat. Give yourself the exploratory experience of sailing through the Arabian Sea and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

9. Late Night Cruise

Sail through the Arabian Sea with your special someone and enjoy the late night tour amidst the brilliant lights of this beautiful city. You can indulge in sumptuous dinner and dancing as well while on the cruise. It is sure to leave you enchanted.

10. Taj Mahal Palace

Photo by Joe Ravi, CC BY-SA 3.0

This proud edifice standing as a symbol of courage after the 26/11 attacks is a glimmering jewel of the city. Blended with Islamic and Renaissance architecture, this splendid, glamorous hotel should never be missed.

Mumbai has everything a traveler could ask for, and this vivacious city is always on a tourist’s itinerary. So plan your next tour to India with Mumbai at the top of your list, and have the best time of your life in this sprawling, crowded city.

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