Fort Bassein, Mumbai

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Sightseeing, Historic significance, Beautiful ruins, Photography, Experience Seeking and Wandering, Connoisseurs. Educational Experience
  • Entrance Fee: There is no entry fee to visit this beautiful fort.
  • Visiting Time: From 6AM to 6PM, this fort is pretty much open throughout the day inviting the wanderers whenever they feel like getting a breath of fresh yet archaic air and a beautiful view.
  • Visiting Duration: Between 30 minutes to 1 hour is the average time of duration that you might spend frolicking about in the ruins here.

If you are a resident of the big loud city that Mumbai is, Maharashtra’s capital, and are too fatigued with the chaos, just take your car and ride 29 miles to the north. In the city of Bassein (or Vasai as the Mumbaikars call it), defended on all the three sides by water bodies- the Ulhas river, Vaitarna river and the Arabian Sea to the west, stands this dilapidated yet enchanting fort of Bassein. The influence of the Portuguese can be seen in the name of the place itself. Apart from that, the majestic dynasties of Satavahanas, Rashtrakutas, Shilaharas, Yadavas of Devgiri and Gujarat’s Sultans have all left their conspicuous taint on this place which you can breathe when here. In its days, Bassein was considered to be an important place in terms of euestrian trading, mining and stone excavations, fishing, cultivation and agriculture.

Bassien Fort
Photo by Himanshu Sarpotdar, CC BY 2.0

Traveler Tips

  • Carry your food and snacks compulsorily as there are no outlets available in immediate vicinity of the fort.
  • Wear a cap or put on some sun protection lotion to save your skin some sun damage
  • During visits in the heavy rainy season, the place around is covered in greenery, bushes and shrubs. There are chances of snakes and other insects’ common in that season. So, avoid trips during evening time in rainy season for your own safety.
  • You’ll get some great clicks for you profile pictures for a long time in the backdrop of this jewel of architecture.
  • There are a lot of European travelers around the place usually. Have fun interacting with them and making them realize what a beauty Maharashtra is.
  • There is a very old Church too inside the fort that makes for a nice eerie picture and worship.
  • The place is a bit too tedious for older people and they might suffer problems in moving around the place. Keep that in mind and plan accordingly.
  • Do not litter around the place and help maintain the elegance of the fort and its surrounding areas.
  • Do not write anything or carve using sticks on the monument or its adjacent structures.
  • There are absolutely no sign boards or historic plates conveying the relevance behind the place. Keep that in mind and explore the place around to your maximum benefit.
  • If you are among the thimble hearted, do not visit after the sun has set as this place is deserted and has that eerie feel about itself.
  • While reaching, rely on Google maps in case your driver doesn’t know the way around.
  • Nothing except a small lemon soda shop is nearby to the fort so you have a tangy option to quench your thirst in case you are out of water.
  • Food outlets are only after a kilometre away from the fort.
  • Autos will be easily available.
  • It is also the chosen spot for a lot of Bollywood shooting points, so who knows if you’re lucky you might run into some of the popular directors or celebrities during the right season.
  • Avoid coming to this place alone especially if you’re a woman as it can get very deserted at times.

Things to Do

  • Visit the dilapidated structure and soak in the richness of yesterday’s cultures and architecture.
  • Pay your respects in the Church inside the ruins.
  • Makes an amazing spot for photography, with some beautiful shots especially during the monsoon season with all the lushness and greenery.
  • The Vajreshwar Temple is also very close to the beach so you can head out to pay your respects there too.
  • There is a beach almost adjacent to the fort. Make sure to frolic about on the shore for a while acfter your historic and architectural visit here.

Availability of Guides

There are no guides available on site and you only have Google to rely on about info about the fort’s ruins and preserves. But if you book your day trip with the BNHS guided tour, you’re good to go.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Bassein Fort is undoubtedly the monsoon season. Months between July to January provide the most pleasurable ways to spend your afternoon here.

How to Reach

Catch a local train upto Bassein or book a ride from Mumbai to Bassein and you’ll reach in an hour.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About the Fort Bassein

  • The Bassein stone was very popular and in demand.
  • It was a bustling ship building point back in its days.
  • Vasa Konkani Northern Tribals were aborigine to this place.
  • The Portuguese once burnt the whole city of Bassein in order to capture the ruler.
Bassien Fort Mumbai
Photo by Himanshu Sarpotdar, CC BY 2.0

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Come down here to catch a break from your busy life and experience archaic bliss and beauty.

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