Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations Near Mumbai For Couples

Mumbai – the financial capital city of India is brimmed with eccentricity year round. The placid beaches, enchanting cafes and exuberant streets of the city are delirious. But the mob can get on your nerves sometimes when even breathing becomes an errand! So check out the list below for the best honeymoon places near Mubmai for a memorable visit with your beloved/lover.

1. Lonavala

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Trekking is a good way to get around this place which is 83 kilometres from Mumbai. Korigad fort which is worthy of a stroll through the rugged terrains and hills, is a pristine location. It is a three hour journey from Mumbai and is one of the popular honeymoon destinations in India. Karla and Bhaja caves which nestle in the hills of Lonavala are a fine example of ancient Buddhist temple art in India.

2. Khandala

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Khandala is the twin hill resort of Lonavala and is beautifully landscaped. The climate here is salubrious. It is 107 kilometres away from Mumbai and has several forts like Lohagad. Vada Pav and freshly roasted corn are a speciality of this place. Duchess and Panorama are the finest restaurants of this hill station.

3. Aamby Valley City

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120 kilometres away from Mumbai, this township was laid by the Sahara India Pariwar. This valley city is laden with ultra-modern facilities and Swish complexes that offer a holiday in luxury! Situated at a peaceful countryside, Aambey Valley City has ample of lakes and will surely turn every moment spent with your partner pulsatile under the picturesque ambience.

It is a 10,000 acre hilltop and is prominent for its lush green golf course. Speed boating and jet skiing up the ante for this city which is a venue for Asian Golf tournament. Finger licking cuisines with dozens of variety are available too, in this highly safe and secure arena.

4. Kolad

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Kolad is a penultimate destination to break free the inhibitions and indulge in adventurous white water rafting with your spouse. It is 117 kilometres away from Mumbai. There are a number of farm type getaways as well. It remains open throughout the year.

5. Pune

Photo by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner, CC BY-SA 2.0 

Pune is an elite and sprawling suburb in Maharashtra, 148 kilometres away from the capital. Parvati hills and bund hills are spectacular and bewitching for the newlyweds. Katrajsnake Park, Peshwe Udyan and Aga Khan Palace are the must visits of this beauty land.

6. Lavasa

Photo by Sooraj Shajahan, CC BY 2.0 

Lavasa is India’s largest hill city, 186 kilometres from Mumbai. It enjoys a year round pleasant weather. It has an array of options in sports, entertainment and hospitality. From touring the city in a luxury bus to lakeshore water sports and nature trails and adventure sports, the city is blessed with awesomeness. Gaming arcades, dining, dessert joints and the Dasvino town and country club provide a plethora of luxury and leisure.

7. Mahabaleshwar

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Lying in the Satara district of the Western Ghats, Mahabaleshwar is named after “God of Great Power”.It is 230 kilometres away from Mumbai. Barring the torrential rain period which ranges from late June to mid-September, this location is ideal throughout the year. The gorgeous Venna Lake offers fishing, boating and pony riding. It also has great strawberry fields in the vicinity. Pratapgarh fort idyllically embellishes the majestic Mahabaleshwar. Honey, jams and chikkis are the favourite buys over here. If you want to rest in nature with your better half then Kate point, Lodwick point etc. will surely mesmerize you.

8. Panchgani

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Panchgani derives its name from the “five hills”. Tiny hamlets, farms and ravines are fed by river Krishna. The trail from hidden lovers’ lanes to Kamalgad fort is enticing for the young couples. It is canopied by dense vegetation which can provide couples with secret walkways. September to May is the best time to visit this place. It is 241 kilometres away from the capital city.

9. Guhagar Beach

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Guhagar Beach is a small town on the Konkan Coast with a beautiful secluded beach and is 290 kilometres away from Mumbai. It also has many beautiful temples. Mouth-watering sea food requires indulgence of it with the honeymooning couples in the white sand beach lined with shady Suru trees. Banana rides, bumper rides and jet skiing are the water sports available year round bereft of the monsoon season. Anjanvel lighthouse is delightful to watch at night.

10. Aurangabad

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Aurangabad is the gateway to the world heritage sites, Ajanta and Ellora. It lies along the right bank of Kham River and is loaded with three art museum treasures. Panchakki and Bibika Makbara are the splendid architectures in this simple paradise for lovers. It is 334 kilometres apart from Mumbai.

The city of dreams is laden with joyous bounties of nature and are a must visit because those who don’t travel, read only one page of the book throughout their lives.

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