Top 10 Beaches In Mumbai

The sands, the Arabian Sea, the sight of the horizon and a perfect sunset, isn’t it already magical? Amidst the fast pacing city life, Mumbai, the city that never sleeps also homes some beautiful beaches. Though the beaches in Mumbai are more on the noisy side but yet the beauty of a lulling horizon remains the same. Here is a list of top 10 beaches of Mumbai:

1. Juhu Beach

Photo by Michael Kohli, CC BY-SA 2.0

The most famous beach of Mumbai, Juhu Beach has a serenity that it gives to the city. Located in the suburbs this beach is the most crowded beach all day long. The 6km long beach is the longest in Mumbai. Indulgence in street food is also popular here. One can also spot the taking off of aircrafts as the airport is in the vicinity. If you want to get close to nature in the city this place offers you the solace you need. The Juhu ISCKON temple being in the vicinity makes it more connected to the city.

2. Gorai Beach

Photo by Ninad Chaudhari, CC BY 2.0

Gorai beach lies towards the north-east of the city adjoining the Gorai village. The beach is popular for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The local sea-food market is also famous next to this beach. One could drive here or could take a ferry from Borivali to reach here. Both options offer a different experience. The place is mostly vacant during the weekdays and is a famous picnic spot for the weekends.

3. Marve Beach

Away from the polluted city life and untouched by the industrial pollution, Marve beach is in Malad. The beach is comparatively small and narrow due to the fast sinking mud and swift currents, which also makes it dangerous to swim. The place though is a quiet affair and is an ideal place if you want to spend some moments either alone or with the loved one. The beach is lined up with amazing villa properties generally belonging to the elite class of Mumbai, one of the reasons why the beach has a high cleanliness quotient.

4. Madh Island Beach

Photo by Gaurav Mishra, CC BY 2.0

Madh Island Beach is another renowned tourist spot of the city. The beach has the Malad Creek on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west giving it an amazing view. The beach is well connected through the roads and is also popular for hosting parties by the upper strata of the city. The place also has shacks and good food-joints and is an absolute delight to the sea-food lover.

5. Aksa Beach

Photo by E Siva Subramaniam Iyer, CC BY 3.0

Aksa beach lies somewhere between Borivali and Malad at about 10 km from the respective stations. The secluded beach is very famous amongst the young couples as it is untouched by the visitors. The beach is unsafe to indulge into waters but if you want to take a long stroll along the coastline this place is all yours. The swifting currents of water also leave the treasures of the sea like shells on the coast while taking all the water away. This place is truly a heaven.

6. Versova Beach

Photo by UtcurAsch, CC BY-SA 3.0

Versova beach is an extension of the Juhu Beach towards the Andheri suburbs and is less occupied as compared to the former beach. The beach is connected to the Versova village which is popular for its fish-market. The beach is beautiful view to see the fishermen at work and the horizon at the same time. It also draws a lot of crowd for ‘ganpati-visarjan’.

7. Girgaum Chowpatty Beach

Girgaum Chowpatty beach is situated in southern Mumbai being a part of the city life. The place is close to Charni Road Station and is popular for the road-side eateries. The place is mostly crowded in the evenings and holds a significant value for the immersion of the Lord Ganesha during the 10th day of the Ganesh chaturthi festival. The beach is surrounded by branded stores and is a window to the horizon between the sky-line of the city.

8. Dadar Chowpatty Beach

Photo by Satyajit Basu, CC BY 2.0

Again laying in South Mumbai, Dadar Chowpatty beach this beach is very close to Dadar Station. The beach is usually less crowded because the sand in the area is less making it difficult to sit and have a view of the Arabian Sea. The beach is ideally used jogging and watching sunsets though. One can have a mesmerising view of the Bandra- Worli Sealink. The residents in the area usually come for evening walks or just leisurely strolls to enjoy the cool breeze.

9. Uran Beach

Situated towards the end of Navi Mumbai, Uran beach falls between Panvel and Karjat. Away from the maddening city life this place is quite a break from the monotonous routine of the daily lives. The place gives a hypnotizing view of the sun, sea and the sand. One can also see the remains of Karanja fort and a distant view of South Mumbai making one lose him to the serene view this place has to offer.

10. Kalamb Beach

Far away from the Mumbai atmosphere is this silent Kalamb Beach near Nalaspora. The place is yet unexplored by the Mumbaikars but is a paradise within the city. The beach is ideal for lazing around. You can have a small nap on the hammocks here and when you wake up, you’ll feel like it is another month. The place also has some good food-joints around making the day worth.

With so many options within the city one can pick any and just head towards them. You’ll definitely fall in love with the Sun, Sand and Water and no amount of time will be enough to capture the essence of these beaches.

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