5 Fun Places To Hangout With Friends In Jaipur

Fondly known as the ‘Pink City’, Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities of India. Famous for the historical architecture and heritage, this city takes pride in having well-organized streets throughout. Jaipur is also a rather immensely popular destination for tourists. Be it adults, kids, or teenagers, this city is an attraction that can’t be avoided. If you haven’t visited Jaipur at least once in your life, you’re missing out on the pretty streets, extensive and compelling Rajasthani history, beautiful markets of art, craft and jewellery, and the unforgettable food. Many tourists from around the world have said that Jaipur is a city that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Whether it is with your family, loved one, or your friends, Jaipur will charm you even until after you’ve left the vicinity. Let’s have a look at the hangout spots you can visit while in Jaipur with your friends.

1. Brown Sugar

This attractive C-scheme cafe is a place where you can enjoy the most delicious types of cakes. Brown Sugar also offers some great delicacies apart from cakes. The baked foods that you will find here are quite famous, and this spot is a haven for college students. Milkshakes, coffee, sizzlers, pizza…you name it. Brown Sugar takes you on a roller coaster of mouth-watering food along with an ambience that will keep you rooted to your spot until you’ve filled your tummy. So grab your friends and have a treat by spending a few hours in this classic eatery.

2. Henry’s (The Pub)

Another popular hangout spot located in C scheme is Henry’s. This lively place is found on the ground floor of a hotel known as Park Prime Jaipur. The music, drinks, and the ambience are a major attraction for young adults all around Jaipur. Spending a lazy evening here with your friends would be fun, is what the pub guarantees. At times there are local bands performing at Henry’s, promising you a fun-filled time with fabulous music to thrill your ears. Grab your best-friend, his/her friends, friends of friends, and have a few enthralling drinks!

3. Chokhi Dhani

Photo by Piyush Kumar, CC BY 2.0

Rajasthani heritage, music, dance, traditional food…Chokhi Dhani has it all. This exceptional Village Resort will leave you star struck. Adorned with pretty little cottages amid a palatial atmosphere, it gives you an experience that you’d witness nowhere else. You might think it is a place to go to with family, but rest assured, it is just as enjoyable with friends. You can also unwind for an hour or so in the spa that offers a great relaxation to your body and mind. Towards the evening you can see the lights brightening up the golden walls of this resort under the twinkling stars.

4. Wassup

Are you craving some Chinese, North Indian, Italian….or even some Dessert? Is it your friend’s birthday and you want to treat them to a restaurant that makes resembles a well-lit forest? Wassup is the place to go! This elegant cafe has wooden floors, artificial trees, private and group sitting areas, and food that will make your mouth water even just looking at the menu. It’s also an ideal location to go on a date, just if you’re searching for one. Worry not. This place gives you an amazing experience, so treat yourself, your friends or even your loved one.

5. Kanchan Kesari Village Resort

Embellished with beautiful banquet lawns, swimming pools, multi-cuisine restaurants and comfortable rooms, Kanchan Kesari Village Resort offers an enjoyable experience. The various amusement activities that you can do while here with your friends will become a favourite of yours. Take the time to divulge in lounging on the lush green grass, taking a walk along the pathways amid short trees, and swimming in the vast pools. It is a wonderful place to experience with your friends, and you might even find the time to relax amid these fun activities under the sun.

Known to be one of the most popular tourist destinations of Rajasthan, Jaipur boasts of being a great place for youngsters as well. You can have the time of your life in this beautiful city and see how soon it takes all your worries away. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the aforementioned hangout spots will surely keep you rooted to the Pink City.

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