Top 5 Places to Visit in Deeg

Once the summer retreat for rulers, Deeg serves as a major resort for royally exhausted tourists from all over India. Burned down by the metropolitan life, head to Deeg for a culturally enriching atmosphere, that will be a matter of exuberance for your tired soul. The scenic forts with shimmering water bodies, the various Havelis and a natural haven just a few kilometres away, Deeg is the place to revisit the rich past in the best way possible. The place organises many fairs and festivals, that will instil a feeling of revelry in you and make you feel ecstatic. Against the backdrop of vacant landscapes, fountains, palaces, gardens and fairs; you will be sure to experience a change for the better. Such is the lively and infectious environment of Deeg, ready to charm you with its natural and historic beauty at the very first glance. Relive the glory days and celebrate art, culture and architecture at Deeg by visiting the very best the place has to offer.

1. Deeg Fort

Deeg Fort
Photo by Pramod Tiwari, CC BY-SA 4.0

Built in the style of Mughal architecture, Deeg Fort casts a mesmerizing spell on its visitors, owing to its gigantic size and grandeur. The beautiful fort has been constructed back in the 1700s and is still able to command an aura of regality and significance. A prominent sight in Deeg, the fort is flanked by two small tributaries, the Roop Sagar and the Gobind Sagar, that not only help enhance its beauty but also bring down the temperature of the fort in the hot summers. You can witness an ancient canon on the top of the fort, for a peak into the warfare practices of history. Also, present here is 70 feet watch tower, which aids a bird’s eye view of the entire town, a truly surreal experience to have.

2. Bharatpur Sanctuary

Bharatpur Sanctuary
Photo (Cropped) by ASIM CHAUDHURI, CC BY 2.0

A land of flocks and feathers, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, located in the vicinity if Deeg is a must-visit for all travellers, especially nature lovers. A World Heritage Site, the sanctuary is home to over 230 species of birds, all found chirping melodiously in the comforting habitat of the sanctuary. The place is buzzing with colourful birds like Indian Sauras Crane, waterfowl, storks, herons, sandpiper and migrant ducks. The diverse avi-fauna makes you recall your childhood desires to soar skies like birds. You can enjoy magical sights of birds in large numbers drinking water or flying in a “V” shape at this sanctuary.

3. Gopal Bhavan

The Deeg Palace is a largely comprised of various mansions of ans, that are all decorated with ornate balconies, spacious halls, charming greenery and water bodies. Gopal Bhavan is thus the largest of all the Bhavans and arguably the most mesmerizing. The central hall of this Rajasthani mansion is a glamorous affair, with the stunning architecture serving to your aesthetic needs. The water body running parallel to the Bhavan, displays a reflection of the entire edifice, that makes for a captivating, natural snapshot of this historic masterpiece.

4. Suraj Bhavan

Suraj Bhavan
Purana Mahal, Photo by Lrburdk, CC BY-SA 3.0

An unreal decoration of interiors and exteriors of this mansion, located inside the Deeg Palace complex, deserves special mention. Suraj Bhavan is elegantly encased in marble, adding an unprecedented charm to the building. Embraced by verandas on all sides, the added spatial dimension to the Bhavan serves as a delightful attraction to the tourists. The Bhavan is essentially a single storeyed, flat roofed edifice, whose architectural finesse makes it stand apart from the other mansions.

5. Hardev Bhavan

Located behind the Suraj Bhavan, this mansion has an elaborate set of gardens laid out in the Mughal style in its front. The central hall in Hardev Bhavan is adorned by arches and pillars, adding a dramatic effect to the entire place. The place also has a spiked and curved roof, in its back end, that is a beautiful sight to witness. Be sure to make a stop at Hardhev Bhavan for its gardens and beauty.

The vibrant history of Deeg is perfectly captured by its forts and monuments. Visit these top 5 attractions in Deeg to surrender yourself to the hold that history has on you, and be prepared to have the time of your life!

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