Top 5 Places to Visit in Bhilwara

Rajasthan, India, literally the land of the royals, has a bevy of heritage buildings and globally recognized hospitality aspect to flaunt in whichever corner of it you want to visit. Amongst all that, Bhilwara stands out as being an off the beaten track tourist destination with all the grandeur intact, forts and palaces. Bhilwara tourism should be planned with careful regard to weather, being pleasant at times to very warm or cold at others, the best time to pay a visit being unanimously around October to March each year. Stay with me as we count down the top 5 destinations to visit in this little cosy touristy haven.

1. Gangapur

You’ve seen it all in Rajasthan, from temples to forts to glittering palaces. You’ve heard the glorious history, and seen brilliant lights and even been in the best hotels. Yes? Think again. Because in this little suburb located a little way off the mainland, is a gala where cattle steal the show. The cattle festival of this village is the premier tourist draw, and you might want to hire conveyance from the heartland just to come visit. Put Gangapur on top priority tourism goals while in Bhilwara.

2. Harni Mahadev Temple

Harni Mahadev Temple is a popular chip off the popular old block. It is a temple steeped in religious history, true Rajasthani style. It is dedicated to the powerful Hindu Lord Shiva, and attracts devotees from far and wide as pilgrims. They make donations, and get repaid manifold. There are pompous and grand festivities held here quite a few times of the year, mainly around the Shiv worship festival of Shivratri. The architecture is also beautiful. When you are in Bhilwara, don’t forget to check this out.

3. Mandalgarh Fort

This is very true to its nature as a fort. It has been witness to many a life and death battle that made and broke monarchs and empires. Mandalgarh Fort witnesses the majority of action from the 15th through the 19th centuries, and has acquired historical significance and tourist importance due to the very same reasons. It has exquisite architecture, is very good to look at and photographs well, and has other temples like the Charbhuja and modern amenities like banks nearby. Mark your calendars for a date with this lovely haven while in Bhilwara.

4. Kyara Ke Balaji Temple

This famous temple is one of the many religious and spiritual attractions Bhilwara has to offer. Kyara Ke Balaji Temple is dedicated to the memory of the mythological ape god Hanumana, and also features gods like the Patola Mahadev. Operations to promote it by authorities are in full swing, and lucrative accommodations have cropped up nearby. This has interesting history- a facade of Hnaumana is said to have appeared without intervention on stony rocky ground, warming devoted hearts. If you aren’t here while in Bhilwara, you’re missing out, matey.

5. Pur Udan Chatri

This thing at first blush will remind you if the watchtowers of your old video games, and I don’t know of anything more novel and exciting. On closer inspection, you’ll see that the comparison has ground and the name of it literally translates to an umbrella. It is whitish and beautiful, very photogenic and popular with travellers. Pur Udan Chatri offers a vista of surroundings which make you feel up above the world so high and are great for day outs. Never forget to drop by on vacay here.

Bhilwara in Rajasthan is the ultimate history, beauty, old new mix tailored to give you a perfect experience. While most of its wonder lies in gorgeous architecture and heritage, it is also known well for natural beauty. Whether it is a casual day out, or a ramble among the spiritual havens or a date with the royals, Bhilwara has you covered. Bask under umbrellas or go gypsy worshipping Shiva, plan ahead for cold winters, and return from a vacation unlike any you’ve ever been on before.

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