Top 5 Places to Visit in Barmer

Just 20 odd kilometres away from the Indo-Pak border lies the desert town of Barmer. The city lies in the Thar Desert region of the state of Rajasthan in the western part of India and thus Barmer is known to have extreme climatic conditions. The city of Barmer is a historic city like most of the cities in Rajasthan, it has a very proud lineage of Indian rulers who still have impressions in the city. Barmer is often neglected when touring Rajasthan but here we have compiled top 5 Places to visit in Barmer, Rajasthan that will throw light on Barmer in a different way altogether and make you want to go there right now.

1. Nakoda Jain Temple

Nakoda Jain Temple
Photo by Parakhashish, Public Domain

The Jain Temple of Nakoda holds a lot of prominence for Jains all over the world. The Nakoda Jain Temple is located amongst the Aravali Hills snugged in the forests. The temple is an architectural marvel with stone carving having the minutest details carved perfectly. The overall ambience of the temple is also appreciable, the temple is spotlessly white and very clean which enhances the view. The deity is of The Lord Parshvanath who is revered and sought after by many people for the fulfilment of the wishes. The temple makes for a great tourist attraction in Barmer.

2. Kiradu Temples

Right in the middles of the Thar Desert, the beautiful and remarkable Kiradu Temples are situated. The conglomeration includes five temples of which the temple of Someshwara leads the line. The temples are close to 1500 years old which make them even more special. The details and the construction of the temples leave everyone spell bound and awe struck. Similar to the Khajuraho, the Kiradu temples have erotic statues carved on it. Also, there is a mysterious and spooky rumour of a curse of a sage to a potter’s wife that goes along with the temple, maybe go there and experience it yourselves.

3. Mahabar Sand Dunes

The above-mentioned suns are a very rare breed of sand dunes. They are almost tourist free, noise free and litter free which makes the Mahabar Sand dunes appear to be one continuous sea of golden sand. The best time to go and witness these dunes is early in the morning. You can experience the sunset right at the dunes where you see the sun rising from the horizon which results in the beautiful gleaming of sand. The alluring sand lines on the dunes formed by the wind are like a cherry on top and will add to the look. One can go to the desert with friends and just sit and soak in the view peacefully or have a casual stroll in the desert.

4. Barmer Market

The local Barmer market is very well known for its products and quality that it offers. In the streets of Barmer are several hundred shops and hawkers who sell interesting, aesthetically pleasing and decorative items off which you will not be able to keep your hands. You will find beautiful embroidery on vivid colourful bed sheets, carpets and shawls also you will find the mirror work on other pieces of fabric. Available at a rather cheap rate, make sure that you stock up on them and be sure to gift them to friends and family and we guarantee that they will love the products.

5. Barmer Fort

Elegantly sitting atop the hill is the fort of Barmer. The fort overlooks the city of Barmer and tourists often go up the fort where they can get the exquisite view of the city. The view from the top of the fort is breath taking. The fort also houses two very famous temples- Jogmaya Devi and Nagnechi Temple. While the latter is at a relatively lower height the former which is more renowned is further up the hill. Both the temples have a lot of religious significance and are beautifully decorated and lit up during the festivals of the Goddess. You would feel like a true king in the fort and the magnificent open area in front of you but beware the former royal family still lives there. So, who knows you might bump into royalty!

Cities like Barmer are often overlooked and people do not realise the potential in them. Cities like these should be our primary focus as they offer a larger, unscathed and still waiting to be explored attraction base. The list we have compiled offers a complete package and will let you experience Barmer fully. So, the next time you go to Rajasthan, go to Barmer and get lost in heavenly and ravishing beauty of the city.

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