Top 5 Places to Visit in Pali

In central Rajasthan, lies a small town named Pali. With a population close to 300,000 this city in Rajasthan is unknown to many people. Surrounded by the Aravali Mountain Range and at the banks of the river Bandi, Pali is an endearing and adorable town. The city has had a lot of significance in history as well. Now, the city serves as a home to many industries which is the reason or its sobriquet “The industrial City”. Despite the city area being only a little over 12,250 square kilometres, Pali is packed with many interesting attraction and tourist spots. The list we have compiled talks about the Top 5 Places to visit in Pali, Rajasthan and will let you experience Pali like you never will.

1. Lakhotia Garden

These famous gardens are a pride of Pali. The Gardens are surrounded by the Lakhotia Pond which gives it its name. Due to being surrounded by a water body in three directions, it gives the garden a peninsula-esque feel. The huge gardens have lots of open, clean and green spaces which are a perfect spot to sit down have a chat. Also, the large pond serves for excellent viewing during the day time. But what makes the Lakhotia Garden even more special, is the Shiv Temple at the centre of the garden. This beautiful temple dedicated to Neelkanth is thronged by tourists. The temple has a beautiful façade and engravings that can put others to shame, such is the beauty and grandeur of the temple. Lakhotia Garden is place which should be on your checklist for sure.

2. Parshuram Mahadev Temple

Parshuram Mahadev Temple
Photo by Nkansara, CC BY-SA 3.0

This temple is dedicated to the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu- Lord Parshuram. The temple is situated amongst the Aravali Mountain ranges where it is believed that the aggressive axe wielding god used to meditate. Located at a rather remote place, it takes a lot of walking to reach to the temple but worry not, the journey is also a very alluring and appeasing one along which you can see many waters filled kunds and the flora that spreads across the mountain. At the end is a reward, the person gets to witness and seek the blessings of the Lord. An adventure in itself, a visit to Parshuram Mahadev temple is a must for the people hungry for an adventure.

3. Bangur Museum

A neat little museum in Pali which boasts unparalleled collections of copper coins, paintings, armours and tribal handicrafts. The museum houses tools that date back to the Palaeolithic period. Bangur museum has one of the most opulent collections of painting and arms which describe the culture of Rajasthan. There are many interesting coins related to rulers like Tughlak, Khilji and others. The museum also displays traditional arts and crafts ranging from utensils to ornaments which give and idea about the local and regional culture. One trip to this museum will enlighten you and make you more aware about the state of Rajasthan.

4. Jawai Dam

Jawai Dam
Photo by Namita07, CC BY-SA 4.0

Jawai dam is built on the river of the same name. This 70-year-old dam is one of the biggest in Rajasthan. It also serves as a lifeline to the nearby villages. The dam is a very scenic and quaint one, having mountains in the backdrop enhances the overall look of the dam. The place is also a migrating location for birds who come from different parts of the world in winter to escape the cold. Cranes and geese are common migratory birds who often show up at the dam. Also, you might see bears and hyenas quenching their thirst at the dam.

5. Om Banna

Om Banna
Photo by Sentiments777, CC BY-SA 3.0

This temple is no ordinary temple. The Om Banna temple is so special and unique it makes it the only one in the world. When you enter the temple, you won’t find any deity of god or a statue looking upon its devotees and people praying to the deity. What you will find is a Royal Enfield Bike encased in glass and a shrine with a photo of someone who appears to be an ordinary man. The man in the photo is none other than Om Banna, himself. It is often said that Om Banna’s soul protects people from accidents in the accident-prone area of the Pali Highway. So, people pray to him and lay flower garlands upon him so as to prevent accidents. The temple is very interesting place and a temple like no other. So, go to Om Banna’s Temple and treat yourself to a new story about the Legendary Banna.

This town in central Rajasthan is often overshadowed by other places but do keep in mind that Pali can give any place a run for its money when it comes to tourist attractions. The serene and welcoming atmosphere of the city will make you fall in love with it. Pali has a lot of things to offer, the list tells us about the most interesting places in the city that will leave you in awe. So, the next time when you are confused about where to go in Rajasthan, go to Pali!

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