Top 5 Places to Visit in Samode

Rajasthan’s nomenclature is perhaps the best one, the most appropriate in the Indian states. It’s the land of the royals, and nothing bears more testimony to that fact than the numerous tourist destinations scattered throughout its area, full of gorgeous palaces and temples and forts and the like. Now among it all is the little paradise called Samode, and it is one which showcases all the traditional attractions like temples by the dozen, mansions that are palatial and eye catching gardens. As an added bonus, it also offers a glimpse into the workings of its day to day commerce through the very many shopping areas close by. Make allowance for the hot summer weather, and plan a trip as we count down the best 5 places to visit here.

1. Samode Fort

In true royal traditional tourism style, very symbolic of Rajasthan, this list kicks off with a fort at the beginning. Strong, old, and magnificently built, this fort is situated high on a hilltop where the view it affords can look down on miles all around below in every direction. Samode Fort was used for lodging by Rawals, as a lot of heritage nowadays is used here for lodging tourists by hotel chains. It showcases Mughal architecture, and was considered useful in war times. A must visit for tourists to Samode.

2. Samode Palace

Samode Palace
Photo by Meena Kadri, CC BY 2.0

This palace is another heritage architecture gem in Samode’s kitty. Built in bright colours, this is aesthetic enough to have earned places in both nationally and internationally acclaimed movies. It has different art styles inside it, like frescoes, paintings and sculpture. It also shows dual architectural styles, Rajput, Mughal, and is excellently photogenic. Samode Palace is a little way off from Pink City Jaipur.

3. Samode Bagh

A bagh refers to a garden in traditional language translation, and this garden is truly the material to rival garden bigwigs like those in Jammu Kashmir. It is expansive and beautiful with flower species, and offers accommodation, food and hospitality to guests in natural environs. Samode Bagh is situated in former stable grounds of the empire and displays beautiful Mughal art. There are tents aplenty round the premises, which showcases attractions inside that are Mughal style influenced.

4. Samode Haveli

Samode Haveli
Photo by Richard Moross, CC BY 2.0

Rajasthan is famous for Havelis, or large palatial ornate mansions. Do you know how there are ones like Hawa Mahal and Saheliyon ki Bari which were constructed to provide advantageous views to the womenfolk of the house? Following in those hallowed footsteps, Samode Haveli was built by a political heavyweight of about 4 or 5 centuries past, who was a prime minister but also connected to royal dynasties, Rawal Singhji. This is a very popular tourist destination, and has received media attention in the past as well.

5. Govind Devji Temple

This temple was dedicated to the worship of Lord Krishna and his divine paramour Radha. Govind Devji Temple is a very old, and possibly the most crowd pulling religious establishment in Samode. It is a temple with remarkable architecture, and originally overlooked rural lifestyle. This gives killer photographs, and should top your sightseeing priorities if you’re in Samode any day and would be ideal for any devotee in the crowds.

Samode in Rajasthan is an ideal tourist spot for diverse kinds of tourists. It has temples and forts, and you can pray to make your soul cleanse, or you can sit back in wonder and learn of the glorious history of the ancient dynasties who’ve lived and died here. There are points from where sunsets look mesmerizing, and also the residences are crowded by tourists a lot of the time, so you would be fine if you booked a long way early. This place is a go-to for families, couples and companies alike and aplenty. Plan ahead to avoid a heat stroke, and remember to buy gifts from the amazing markets nearby. Have a gorgeous vacay!

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