Top 5 Places to Visit in Deeg


Once the summer retreat for rulers, Deeg serves as a major resort for royally exhausted tourists from all over India. Burned down by the metropolitan life, head to Deeg for a culturally enriching atmosphere, that will be a matter of exuberance for your tired soul. The scenic forts with shimmering water bodies, the various Havelis and a natural haven just a few kilometres away, Deeg is the place to revisit the rich past in the best way possible. The place organises many fairs and festivals, that will instil a feeling of revelry in you and make you feel ecstatic. Against the backdrop of vacant landscapes, fountains, palaces, gardens and fairs; you will be sure to experience a change for the better. Such is the lively and infectious environment of Deeg, ready to charm you with its natural and historic beauty at the very first glance. Relive the glory days and celebrate art, culture and architecture at Deeg by visiting the very best the place has to offer.

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