Top 10 Places To Visit In Coonoor

Nestled in the Nilgiris, Coonoor is a quiet hill station about 50 km away from Ooty in Tamil Nadu. Famous for its production of Nilgiri Tea, Coonoor is the second largest hill station in the region. The place is covered in the lusciously green velvets of the tea plantations making it show-off rich shades of emerald green. A kilometre or two above the main city, one can soak in the peace offered by the nature. One can see a clear view of the sea and stretching the eyes beyond the sea are lush-green mountains of the region. The place has a serenity to offer that beholds only to Coonoor. When in the town, these 10 places are a must visit to immerse your senses to render in the beauty of nature.

1. Sim’s Park

Photo by Thangaraj Kumaravel, CC BY 2.0 

The most popular and visited destination in the region is Sim’s Park. The park is a botanical garden housing a variety (including some unusual plants) of flowers and plants. With beautiful terraces laid in the extension on 12 heactares is an array of hues that could be witnessed in the park. The park also has a Rose Garden that incorporates over thousand varieties of roses belonging to 85 different families. Some rare trees of Rudraksh -the bead tree (used for religious purposes), Cinnamon tree are also to be witnessed in the park along with the glass house that is a home to some beautiful ornamental trees.

2. Dolphin’s Nose

Photo by Jon Connell, CC BY 2.0 

A massive rocky patch forming the shape of a Dolphin’s Nose is another attraction for the tourists. The spot is about 10 km from the main town of Coonoor. It provides a ravishing view of the heavy forests and the giant green mountains in the back drop while the front covers a distant view of the Catherine falls making the aura pleasant for the lovers of the nature.

3. Lamb’s Rock

Photo by Thangaraj Kumaravel, CC BY 2.0 

Mimicking a lamb’s back this uneven rock placed in the middle of nowhere by the nature has an astounding view to offer. The rock is quieter than the Dolphin’s nose but takes your visions into the heavens of greenery. One can see the plains of Coimbatore and also to the tea and coffee plantations making the place ideal for soaking yourself in the arms of nature.

4. Catherine Falls

Photo by Sandip Bhattacharya, CC BY 2.0 

The double-cascaded waterfall has a scenic charm that is beyond words. The full view of these falls could be taken from the Dolphin’s nose whereas you can also reach the top of the waterfall via road. Catherine Falls are at a height of about 250 feet and are a blissful sight. The rainfalls enhance the beauty of the falls by making them more rappelling and pure.

5. Lady Canning’s Seat

Situated among the woods the place is the most beautiful place in the Coonoor offering a panoramic view of the surroundings. The estates of tea and coffee, the lamb’s rock, the Doorg Fortress and the beautiful steeps of the valley are a pleasure to the soul. The name of the place is so because Lady Canning, the better-half of a British Viceroy, was often found sitting at the very spot and absorb the serenity of the nature.

6. Doorg Fort

Photo by TijsB, CC BY-SA 2.0 

Another fort with the history of Tipu Sultan etched on its walls; the fort is a bliss overlooking the plains of the region. Doorg Fort is situated some 2000 feet above the sea level and is now a paradise for the bird watchers.

7. St. George’s Church

Being an embellishment to the art of construction during the era of colonization, St. George’s Church was built in 1826. It often draws visitors from all over the world to appreciate the architecture. The beautiful church lies in the heart of the city and is a must visit monument of the region.

8. Hidden Valley

Another spot which is one of the main reasons for attracting the travellers to the place is The Hidden Valley. The tranquillity of the atmosphere, the hues of the nature, the clouds above ahead and just a scenic pleasure, is what defines the valley. One of the picturesque destinations that make you fall in love instantly. Another masterpiece of the nature that that takes makes you believe that heaven does exist on Earth.

9. Rallia Dam

A trek in the deep forest leads to most serene sight that your eyes can witness. Rallia Dam is a blessing to the town as it meets the water supply of the town apart from being breath-taking. One can also visit some rare animals and beautiful birds. Sitting by the dam is definitely a trophy to all who have trekked to find this hidden paradise.

10. Highfield Tea Factory

When the place is famous for its tea plantations, how can one not visit the tea factory? With the smiling locals who are more than pleased to guide you for a tour to the factory and the aroma of the tea spread in the air, you can feel close to nature and can witness the entire process of tea-making. Also they give you a tasting sample of their fresh tea making the tour more delicious.

Coonoor is a place that will delight you in the nature with every step you take. Whether it be the sight-seeing or just strolling along the tea-plantations are soaking yourself in the nature the place definitely is worth visiting once in a life-time.

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