A Complete Tour Guide To Yelagiri Hill Station

Yelagiri, or as it is affectionately called as Poor Man’s Ooty, lies in the Vellore District of Tamil Nadu. Yelagiri is situated at a height of about 1110 meters above the sea level. The area comprises of fourteen hamlets that sum together to make up Yelagiri. Since the hill-town is not as commercialised as the other hill stations of the region it still encompasses beauty in its raw form. The lush greens of the nature and the peaceful attitude of the place makes Yelagiri a splendid destination for weekend getaways. With the temperature being moderate all-round the year, Yelagiri sprawls with the green slopes, Rose gardens and orchards all along. The hill-town was found in the colonial era and is well known for its breath-taking hair pin bends that provide a captivating view. The little hill-town also let visitors indulge in activities like rock-climbing, paragliding and trekking. There are some enthralling treks that lead to beautiful destinations. Yelagiri is endowed with waterfalls, valleys, lakes, hills and temples. Wrapped quietly in the arms of four hills, the sleepy hill-town of Yelagiri is a break from the chaotic city life.

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Climatic Conditions

The climate in Yelagiri remains pleasant all year long. The average temperature ranges between 11 °C to 32 °C. The summers are quite hot but yet it doesn’t touch the extremes. The winter months from November to February are cooler and the warmth of the sun won’t let you fatigue. Yelagiri receives a moderate rainfall during the winter months, starting from mid-June and extending till mid-September.

Best Time To Visit

The hill-town could be visited during any month of the year opting as per your favourite season. The best time to visit Yelagiri remains from October to March. With pleasant climate and warm sun it becomes easy for the visitors to enjoy the newness of the place that monsoons have left behind. Yelagiri also holds a Summer Festival and hence the place gets crowded during the summer months while the winter months are a retreat.

Attraction/Things To Do

Since Yelagiri is known as a trekker’s paradise, it is home to some mesmerizing treks. One can trek up to the Swamimalai Hills that is the highest point of the region and offers a panoramic view of Yelagiri. The place is laden with temples as each of the fourteen villages have Murugar temple, the local worshipped deity. One can walk till the Jalampagarai Waterfalls and enjoy the beautiful cascading sight. Punganoor Lake and Nature Park are another favourite tourist spots of Yelagiri and also offer boating facilities. The temples of Velavan and Jalamgadeeshwar are famous in the area and devotees come here in large numbers on daily basis. Also Yelagiri has a science observatory called as Vainu Bappu Observatory or the Telescope Observatory which is known to house the largest Telescope of Asia. Paragliding is another activity that is offered in Yelagiri and is famous for being the second best location for paragliding in India. Herbal farms and silk farms that are maintained by the government are also of prime attraction. Yelagiri is also famous for producing the best honey available in Tamil Nadu.

How To Reach

The best way to reach Yelagiri is by road. The hair pin bends will test your driving skills while at the same time offering the wonderful views of the greens. The nearest airport is the Bangalore Airport about 190 km away. Alternatively, one can take trains to Jolarpettai Junction, the nearest rail station. From Jolarpettai Junction one can either hire a taxi or can take a bus that runs at regular intervals.

Distance From Major Cities

1. Jolarpettai– 25 km
2. Vellore– 93 km
3. Chennai– 193 km
4. Bangalore– 157 km
5. Coimbatore– 345 km
6. Mysore– 302 km
7. Cochin– 530 km
8. Pondicherry– 260 km
9. Tirupati– 197 km
10. Kanchipuram– 160 km
11. Krishnagiri– 76 km
12. Delhi– 2319 km
13. Mumbai– 1156 km
14. Hyderabad– 733 km
15. Kanyakumari– 647 km

Accessibility  And Accommodation

Since the town consists of fourteen hamlets and is wrapped among four hills, people usually prefer personal vehicles to explore the place. Auto- rickshaws and private taxis are also available here. The accommodation facilities are available as it holds both budget hotels and luxury retreats. Due to lack of commercialization in the region it is advisable to pre-book hotels as the place beckons a large number of tourists on weekends. Home stay options are also available in Yelagiri.

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