A Complete Tour Guide To Coonoor Hill Station

Lying in the luxurious laps of emerald green tea plantations, Coonoor is situated at an altitude of approximately 1850 meters above the sea level. Being the second largest hill station of the mountain range of Nilgiri, Coonoor falls under the state of Tamil Nadu. Nestling in the calmness of the nature, the place is famous for Nilgiri Tea. The hill station was discovered as a summer retreat by the British in the 19th century for it being at a small distance from Ooty yet beholding a scenic charm that couldn’t be surpassed. Though the lower part of the place is a hustle-bustle of daily activities by both locals and the tourists, the upper part has a contrasting peace and serenity. Overlooking the lush green mountain range of Nilgiris around and below is the tranquil blue sea making the destination picture-perfect. Coonoor is said to be a trekker’s love for the trekking options it encompasses. There are a lot of local and migratory birds that are spotted here making it a bird-watcher’s paradise. With waterfalls, botanical gardens, sunset points, forts and churches, Coonoor has a lot of places that attract huge flocks of tourists round the year. Coonoor has been famous for its extensive beauty and even the careless leisurely strolls make you experience heaven with every step.

Photo by Thangaraj Kumaravel, CC BY 2.0

Climatic Conditions

With the altitude at which Coonoor is situated, it has a very pleasant climate. The temperature generally ranges from 15°C to 25°C during the summer months while the winters are cool as well. The place rarely experiences frost because of its sub-tropical highland climate. The summers typically last from March to mid- June, while November to February are the typical winter months. Being in the southern part of India the winters are not very harsh and attract tourists even in the colder months. The rainfalls are usually occasional showers in the months from July to September.

Best Time To Visit

Though the climate is pleasant and favourable round the year, Coonoor could be visited anytime. The summer months usually draw a lot of tourists and make the place crowded, the winter months are comparatively empty. The drizzles of the monsoon make this place breathtakingly picturesque, with the gushing waterfalls and the brimming velvety green carpets of tea plantations covering the slopes. But the humidity is high during the monsoon months. The suggested time to visit this beautiful green panorama of the Niligiri range is from October to March.

Attraction/Things To Do

Coonoor is one of the hill stations in India that gives a lot of options to the tourists that they would love to see. The Sim’s Park, a botanical garden houses some usual and unusual range of flora along with more than 85 species of roses is a splendid sight of brimming colours. The double cascaded Catherine falls offer one of the most amazing waterfalls. Dolphin’s Nose, Lamb’s Rock and Lady Cunning’s Seat are some of the spots from where one can have a 360 degree view of the valley below and the mountain range surrounding the site. While Doorg’s fort is an example showcasing the Indian history, the Church of St. George is an example of the British influence on the hill-town. Coonoor has more places to offer like the hidden valley and the Rallia Dam that often leaves its visitors mesmerized. Also people can visit the Highfield Tea factory to taste and smell the aroma while witnessing the activities involving tea processing.

How To Reach

The best way to reach Coonoor is to take the toy train that runs between Ooty and Mettupalayam or one can take direct train from Coimbatore as there are meter gauge lines laid in the region and connected to major cities. There are also frequent bus services that operate from Kotagiri and other cities of the region on regular intervals.

Distance From Major Cities

1. Coimbatore– 70 km
2. Ooty– 19 km
3. Mysore– 145 km
4. Calicut– 176 km
5. Kanyakumari– 515 km
6. Erode– 132 km
7. Tirupati– 515 km
8. Trichy– 267 km
9. Salem– 155 km
10. Cochin– 283 km
11. Mettupayalam– 34 km
12. Kodaikanal– 238 km
13. Delhi– 2479 km
14. Mumbai– 1184 km
15. Hyderabad– 877 km
16. Bangalore– 288 km
17. Chennai– 418 km

Accessibility  And Accommodation

Getting around in Coonoor is usually done through cars and taxis. But because of pleasant weather and scenic charm the hill-town is accessible on foot too during winter months. There are a lot of budget hotels in the lower town side of Coonoor and the upper town-side has luxurious resorts and hotels to offer the best view of and around town. It is advised to get a pre-booking done because Coonoor is always bustling with tourists.

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