Top 15 Homestays in Coonoor

Coonoor is one of the most beautiful places in India, for sure. With tea plantations, hills and valleys, this hill station located in Tamil Nadu is a tourist’s delight as there is everything to cater to all types of visitors. Be it adventure junkies or those who are seeking a peaceful stay undisturbed or couples on honeymoon, or elders planning a quiet getaway, Coonoor is the place to be. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Coonoor has many facilities for accommodation, catering to different budgets. But of all those, it is best to choose a homestay option in a place like Coonoor because it gives visitors a chance to experience local life and culture closely and at the same time, gives them a home away from home.

Here is a list of 15 homestays in Coonoor that will blow your breath away with its location, architecture, facilities and hospitality.

1. Tea Nest

Tea Nest
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This is perhaps one of the oldest mansions in Coonoor having built in the 19th century at Singara Estate Road. It also has a historical background to it as it was home to many British noble men during their rule in India. Today, it is a fabulous homestay place and one of the most popular ones. Its location, surrounded by vast tea gardens on all its four sides, is itself the prime attraction. It has around six rooms and each room is named after a tea, as a tribute to the ingredient that Coonoor is famous for. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is served but the specialty of the cuisine at Tea Nest is the several innovative tea-infused delicacies, something that you may not find anywhere else in the world.

2. Tenerife Hill

Tenerife Hill
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It is located near Nilgiri Mountains on Kotagiri Road, atop a tea estate in a beautiful bungalow. It is furnished in the old style way with rose and teak furniture. There are only two rooms available and hence, Tenerife Hill Homestay is best for those who would like to spend a quiet vacation surrounded by nature. The host family resides on the first floor and is there for all help. Some of the activities here are tea tasting, trekking, a visit to neighboring villages and so on. Home-cooked food including the local Badaga cuisine is served.

3. Shree Harshav Cottages

Shree Harshav Cottages
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It is situated on high field Estate near Sims park. It is a quiet and serene place to spend some time close to nature and breathe in fresh air. Shree Harshav cottages offer a great place to stay for your holiday.

4. Serenity

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As the name suggests, Serenity offers a serene atmosphere amidst the beautiful Nilgiri. It stands overlooking tea estates and verdant valleys. It is a beautiful villa with many rooms available for homestay. Each and every room of the villa offers beautiful view of the surroundings. The host family offers incredible hospitality to their guests. Pets are also allowed. It is located on Kotagiri Road at High field.

5. Bliss Homestay

Bliss Homestay
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Located at Tan Tea Road on Tiger Hill, Bliss Homestay is a blissful place to stay. It is surrounded by tea gardens and offers beautiful view of the surroundings. The house itself is amazing with beautiful and well-furnished interiors. Visitors can go for trekking, bird watching and tea estate tours. The host family promises to give its guests a memorable stay. Home cooked food is another reason to visit the Bliss Homestay.

6. Sans Souci Homestay

Sans Souci Homestay
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It is a kilometer from the main road near Non-Such Pos Office and is nestled amongst a sprawling tea garden named Non-Such tea estate and also surrounded by lush vegetation. San Souci Homestay is a heritage bungalow with lakeside cottages, a vacation home and also luxury suites. Many activities are organized for the guests which include trekking, bird watching, temple visits, picnics, tea tasting and sightseeing tours.

7. Bison Inn

Bison Inn
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Bison Inn is a cottage style building and is situated at Karumbalam on Sogathorai Road. Surrounding the Bison Inn are the high and sprawling mountains, a reserve forest and a tea factory. The reserve forest is well-known for its bison population; hence the homestay is also called as Bison Inn. Visitors can enjoy a bonfire, indoor games, a library and even get to spot bison.

8. Strathearn Homestay

Strathearn Homestay
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The Strathearn Homestay is located at Porter Avenue and is a Scottish Bungalow that is said to be built in the 19th century. The architecture of the building can be called as a mix of natural and man-made design and offers an amazing experience. There is a beautiful garden adjacent to the bungalow which has a variety of flowering plants and has open spaces for the guests to relax. The famous Sims Park and Blair Athol lie close by. It is a popular homestay in Coonoor and the hospitality of the host family is vouched by its former visitors.

9. Eden Garden Homestay

Located near Raliaha dam, it is a beautiful cottage with a verandah, the design of which itself evokes a cozy feeling. The beautiful lawn adds to its beauty. It stands at a height and offers amazing view of the surroundings. The presence of lush vegetation and a variety of birds and animals around add to the charm of the place. An attraction of the place is its antique furniture. The host family is a simple family which strives to make the stay of their guests as cheerful as possible. Not just for tourists, a stay at Eden Garden Homestay is also great for those who just want to relax and get refreshed. Staying here does that!

10. Devashola Homestay

Devashola Homestay
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It is a beautiful homestay concept housed in Kolakimabi, 26 km from Coonoor and at Clovelly East, Club Road. The main attraction of the Devashola Homestay is that it has different kinds of accommodations for guests. There are there bungalows, named Mango Tree, Sultana and Pallaniappa for those who have a higher budget. Then, there are the Bison Valley row rooms for those who wish to stay in such a quiet and beautiful place and yet do not wish to spend much. In fact, the hosts devised such accommodations so that all kinds of people can enjoy the blessings of the splendid nature that surrounds the homestay. Food served is strictly vegetarian.

11. El Divino Holiday Homes

El Divino Holiday Homes
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It is located in the heart of Coonoor on Mount Road and is a wonderful place to stay with natural beauty all around. El Divino Holiday Homes offers all the facilities of a hotel and at the same time, provides a homely and comfortable atmosphere. Both suites and standard rooms are available. The construction of the holiday home is such that you will yourself in the lap of nature all the time as everywhere around you, you will find lush greenery and unpolluted environment.

12. Great Grand Father Holiday Home

Great Grand Father Holiday Home
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Located at Vannarpet in Coonoor, the Great Grand Father Holiday Home is a heritage home owned by Parses. It is truly an old bungalow with its old-world charm, antique furniture, the old clock chiming, and a laid-back
atmosphere. It is surely a place that will prompt to laze away and just spend some time in solitude breathing in fresh air and taking in the amazing surroundings.

13. Shranav Holiday Home

Shranav Holiday Home
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Located at Club Road on Grays Hills, the Shranav Holiday Home is a beautiful bungalow with well-appointed rooms and all modern amenities. It also offers a spectacular view of the surroundings. In fact, guests can get a sweeping view of the entire Coonoor town from the bungalow. Another reason to visit the Shranav Holiday Home is that it is also close to many famous tourist spots of Coonoor.

14. Tiger Hill Homestay

Tiger Hill Homestay
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Located at No. 145 on Tiger Hill, the Tiger Hill Homestay is housed in a lovely cottage standing at 1839 meters above sea level and is surrounded by tea gardens and offers a great view of the Nilgiri Mountains. All the rooms are well-furnished and promise to give its guests a comfortable, happy and memorable stay.

15. Highfield Holidays

Highfield Holidays
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Located at Kotagiri Road, this is a simple yet beautiful place to stay and has well-furnished rooms with all the modern amenities. Highfield Holidays also guarantees a comfortable and happy stay for its guests. They also help organize sightseeing tours and other activities to make the stay truly memorable.

Coonoor is also close to Ooty, another famous hill station that is an advantage. These homestays are the best way to experience the beauty, culture, environment and experience that is called as Coonoor.

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