Ralliah Dam, Coonoor

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Dams, Nature, Parks
  • Entrance Fee: No entrance fee
  • Visiting Time: There is no visiting time as such but since you have to trek your way down to the dam, it is advisable to start early so that you return before it turns dark. (8am to 2pm: Advisable)
  • Visiting Duration: Depends on the pace of the traveller.

This famous Ralliah Dam in the scenic Nilgiris is situated in a cloister. There is no transportation that could directly take you to this place. The one-kilometer distance has to be trekked down. The dam is in between Coonoor (10 km) and Kotagiri (15 km). It is a place to some rare bird species and gives you an enchanting view of the nature that lasts forever.

Travelers Tips

  • There are no boards or signs directing your way to the dam, so don’t hesitate if you have to ask the local people to direct you. Once you move on a little, the way becomes clear.
  • There have been some cases of theft, so it is advisable to look after your belongings carefully.
  • Since the place is totally aloof, you may get some quality time to spend with your loved ones. Also, the mesmerizing beauty of the dam gives you a breathtaking background for the couples looking for a wedding photography.

Things to Do

  • There are many mountains with sprawling lush green grass adorning its beauty and welcoming you for trekking.
  • There are some shops selling home-made chocolates and these are a must try.
  • Do visit the Highfield Tree Factory which is only 2 km from the Dam. Peek into the factory to see the whole amazing process and also taste the tea made directly from the garden leaves.
  • The Heritage Toy Train is an enjoyable ride and must be undertaken. It is a splendid way of capturing the fantabulous beauty of Coonoor.

Best Time to Visit

Monsoon would probably be the best time to visit. The Dam stays dry for the most part of the year. Be it summer or winter, but monsoon sees some water sprinkling down and is surely bound to enhance the scenic beauty to a whole new level.

How to Reach

You cannot reach this spot directly. This is situated at the Kotagiri Road. After parking, the dam is one kilometer away and the way to it the Dam is astonishingly beautiful. There is no other transportation to this spot and beware of the wild animals. It Is advisable to take your driver along if he is a local of the place. otherwise, there are many local people who come to collect the wood and will surely help you out if you ask them about the way.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Rallia Dam

  • The Dam is older than our country’s independence. It was built in 1914.
  • The Dam is in such a secluded place that this is not even on the list of the visitors.
  • If the Dam area is dry and there is not much water, then you can enter the dam and explore the old building.
  • You can spot many rare species of birds here.
  • This is the main source of water in the Coonoor town and other nearby small villages.
Sims Park
Sim’s park, Photo by Thangaraj Kumaravel, CC BY 2.0

Nearby Attractions

  • Sim’s Park
  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Lamb’s Rock
  • Tiger Hill Cemetery
  • Wellington Lake
  • Laws Falls
  • Droog Fort
  • Brooklands Tea Factory
  • Doddabetta Peak
  • Catherine Falls
  • Thunder World
  • Western Catchment

Nearby Restaurants

  • Open Kitchen
  • The Culinarium
  • Kurumba Village Resort
  • La Belle Vie

The maximum temperature here hits 35.5 on the scale and the minimum hits 26. One of the best places far from the blues of the cities, this place rejuvenates the inner of you and gives you the lonely time you need with yourself. With the mesmerizing view of Coonoor hypnotizing you, the experience would be so soothing and enthralling that you would be thanking yourself for taking the root, less travelled by.

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