10 Most Eco-Friendly Resorts in Coonoor

With the assortment of incredible holiday destinations in South India, Coonoor was nowhere far behind. The naturally munificent hill town in the midst of the enchanting Nilgiri Hills is a sight like no other. In this paradise of unmatched beauty, you’d want to look for a place to stay while you breathe in the fresh abundance of nature and extravagant green hills. A rejuvenating holiday in Coonoor is never complete without the chance of waking up to a mesmeric sight from your window. We have compiled here a list of some of the most picturesque resorts in Coonoor to make your trip worthwhile.

1. Bliss Homestay

Bliss Homestay
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True to its name, Bliss Homestay makes its guests feel pampered and as though they were in the arms of paradise. As a charming villa in the Nilgiri Hills, Bliss Homestay provides comfort that you’d get if you were at home, and hospitality that will lift your spirits and energise you for your tour of the heavenly town that is Coonoor. Bliss Homestay is also situated close to the tourist attractions of Coonoor, which makes it all the more desirable a place to reside in.

2. Green Nest Resort

Green Nest Resort
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In this heavenly town of Coonoor, it is no challenge to find an equally loving accommodation during your trip. Green Nest Resort, an especially eco-friendly and environment loving resort in Coonoor is proof of how close one can be to nature when tried. Once you fall asleep in the comfortable bed of Green Nest Resort’s rooms, you’d wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated, as the view of the green landscape greets your eyes and makes you feel like you’d never want to leave. Green Nest Resort is one of the popular resorts of Coonoor that are nature-loving and generously hospitable.

3. Bella Vista

Bella Vista
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Luscious, sprawling green landscapes and Nilgiris looming under the sky, Bella Vista is nestled within a warm cocoon of nature. A contemporary design, modern amenities, agreeable welcome and hospitality like no other, Bella Vista has everything for everyone. You can choose a budget room or a deluxe suite to suit your standards, but whichever your choice, you’d go home happy and chirpy from the warmth of the Nilgiris and the service of Bella Vista.

4. Acres Wild Farmstay

Acres Wild Farmstay
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This organic cheese-making farm in Coonoor not only gives you an insight into the world of organic farming, but also lets you stay in a cosy ambience where your senses would feel heightened at all times. Acres Wild Farmstay provides delectable breakfast in bed, along with a holistic environment that is sure to please your eco-friendly heart and warm your soul. No pollution will touch you and no chemical will befall you while you stay at Acres Wild Farmstay is what the owners of this pretty resort promise to its guests.

5. Kurumba Village Resort

Kurumba Village Resort
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Incomparable natural beauty and a breath of fresh air awaits you at Kurumba Village Resort, where you can find yourself enjoying the little pleasures of life. Awaken your senses and get welcomed in a truly traditional manner at Kurumb Village Resort, and you’ll go home with some beautiful memories. The smell of earth and greenery greets you when you wake up, and from your deluxe room window when you spot the melodious birds singing away, there’s nothing more you could ever ask for.

6. Orchid Square Boutique Hotel

Orchid Square Boutique Hotel
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One of India’s finest resorts and boutique hotels is the Orchid Square Boutique Hotel in Coonoor, which redefines elegance in all possible ways. With facilities like a gymnasium, indoor and outdoor games, a conference room, a banquet hall, interior that is colonial in appearance with food that is truly Indian at heart, Orchid Square is a rather lovely space to spend your holiday in while at Coonoor. With suites and standard rooms all available for guests to choose from, Orchid Square is one of the most popular resorts of Coonoor.

7. Tea Nest Nature Resort

Tea Nest Nature Resort
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If tea is your choice of drug, Tea Nest Nature Resort will make sure that you’re surrounded by nothing but your intoxication. This resort is unique in aspects of how it is themed in keeping with the guests who come looking for their love of tea amidst Coonoor’s tea plantations. Let the din of the world slip out of your mind and body as you get engulfed into the scent of tea and the view of the tea plantations stretching outside your window, and you’re going to have the perfect retreat in Coonoor at Tea Nest.

8. MGM Hill Worth Resorts

MGM Hill Worth Resorts
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Heaven on earth is a debatable concept, but when you’re in Coonoor, you’d feel like it’s nowhere else. Wake up to the sound of the melodiously chirping birds while residing in the comfortable cocoon of warmth at MGM Hill Worth Resorts, and find the true spirit of being in the cooling lap of nature. The stretch of Nilgiris before you wasn’t mesmeric enough, so now experience a cosiness like no other at MGM Hill Worth Resorts, which is famous for its hospitality and delectable food in Coonoor.

9. The Gateway

The Gateway
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Breathe in the smell of tea and spices whose plantations stretch far and wide across The Gateway Taj in Coonoor, which is enough to heighten the joy of your senses and to bring you closer to nature than you’ve ever been before. Relax in the spa, find your soul in the yoga spaces and meet a therapeutic and rejuvenated self after you’ve stayed in the luxury accommodation of The Gateway. Observe the colonial architecture and let yourself be utterly awestruck at the sight of Coonoor’s beauty from this lavish resort.

10. Sunvalley Homestay

Sunvalley Homestay
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Coonoor comes with bags full of fun and adventure, packed within a carton of nature that is breath taking in every form and way. Enjoying such a bountiful holiday destination in India takes effort but you want to come back to a comforting room at the end of the day. Sunvalley Homestay will make you feel as though you’re in the cosiest of places with the backdrop of the fantastic Nilgiri Hills making you fall in love with them. Sunvalley ensures its guests have a wonderful stay at their standard and luxury suites, matching everyone’s requirements in the best ways.

Coonoor’s perfection and heavenly atmosphere can be thoroughly enjoyed through a tour of this beautiful town, but when staying at one of the aforesaid resorts are giving you the chance of being lazy one day, the offer would be quite irresistible to pass up on.

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