Tiger Falls, Dehradun

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Photography, monuments, sight-seeing
  • Entrance Fee: No entrance fee
  • Visiting Time: Not allowed after 7PM.
  • Visit Duration: 2hrs-3hrs (Depends on your interests)

They say that the falls echo stories of times long gone. If you listen intently, then amidst the roars you can hear the stories of a bygone era. The Tiger Falls gives you just that. It is a majestic waterfall which is still pristine in its wild beauty. Tucked away safely in the raw beauty of the rustic village of Chakrata, the waterfall is a virgin beauty of wonderful ambivalence untouched by the clutches of modernity.

Tiger Falls
Photo (Cropped) by Harish Rao, CC BY 2.0

Traveller Tips

  • Wear comfortable clothing according to the season.
  • Make sure you carry snacks and other handy materials.
  • Make sure you have a first-aid kit at hand.
  • Carry comfortable shoes because you have to trek to the falls.
  • You must not throw your waste near the falls. Remember it is your duty to keep the place safe and clean.
  • Do not carry Plastic.

Things to Do

  • The Tiger Falls provide a wonderful trekking experience. It is not a highly challenging or risky trek, but a relatively comfortable trekking expedition.
  • You can choose between two alternative paths, and you can either trek for 1km or for 5km depending on your choice.
  • You can plan a wonderful picnic near the falls.
  • The water falls into a small pond which is quite beautiful and breath taking. You can take a dip in this pond and spend as much as time as you want. Let the water soothe your nerves.
  • You can go for rappelling, trekking, canoeing and rafting.

Availability of Guides

If you insist on knowing the more unexplored parts of Chakrata I would advise for you to take a guide. You don’t want to get lost here. Reliable guides can be found at the Dehradun Tourism Office.

Best Time to Visit

If you want to see the Tiger Falls in its entire prowess, then I would suggest the monsoons. It is a privilege to see the falls during the raging monsoons with water falling with such fervor. The surrounding landscape also attains a spectacular freshness which only the rains can bring. However, if you are planning for some exploration outside of Chakratha then you better choose the winter as the climate is cool and pleasant. However, the summers can be a bit dry and the heat waves can be a bit rough towards you.

How to Reach

You can get down at Dehradun Railway Station and then hire a cab or avail local transportation facilities. Though the travel time is close to 2hours, the surrounding landscapes will turn the trip into a striking experience.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about Tiger Falls, Dehradun

  • Tiger Falls is the highest waterfall in India which flows without any hindrances or breaks.
  • The fall is located 20km away from the village of Chakratha.
  • The fall is surrounded by an abundance of oak and pine trees which provides a green blanket of scenic abundance.
  • It is one of the best well-kept waterfalls and harbors a well-balanced ecosystem.
  • The Tiger Falls originate from a height of 312 ft.

Nearby Attractions

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Nearby Restaurants

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There are many waterfalls in India, but what makes the Tiger Falls a special attraction is that it is a well-kept secret. Hence the place is less polluted, less crowded and less known. What more does a person who wants to escape from the chaos of the hustle and bustle of modernity want? The Tiger Falls is simply pure joy shrouded in a blanket of greenery. From simple trekking to rafting, canoeing, rappelling and mountaineering the Tiger Falls has it all.

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