Robber’s Cave, Dehradun

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: picnic, trekking, photography
  • Entrance Fee: No entrance fees.
  • Visiting Time: 7AM-6PM
  • Visit Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Sometimes nature captures the best pictures there ever is. The Robber’s Cave is one of those rare places. This well-known tourist spot in the village of Anarwala, just a few meters away from the city of Dehradun, is a rustic wonder. Cradled by the natural scenic abundance of Uttarakhand, this natural formation is a wonderful picnic spot and a favourite tourist destination.

Robbers Cave
Photo (Cropped) by Nandanautiyal, CC BY-SA 4.0

Traveller Tips

  • Carry plenty of water as the trek to Robber’s cave can be a bit tiresome.
  • Carry handy snacks with you. You don’t want to end up hungry.
  • Hire a private cab so that you can explore the, unexplored parts of the region.
  • Book a local guide so that you can enjoy the unexplored parts of the country.
  • Make sure you have a camera with you. You don’t want to miss out those rare moments with these mystifying caves in the backdrop.

Things to Do

  • Simply enjoy the calm aura that this river cave imparts in its visitors.
  • Plan a picnic for yourself and your loved ones and enjoy the view of the natural rock formations and gushing waters.
  • Take a bath in the river which is an absolute delight and feels like stepping into a Jacuzzi!

Availability of Guides

You can definitely avail the expertise of a guide here, especially a local one, so that you can explore the more unexplored parts of the trekking trail to Robber’s Cave. The village of Anarwala is also not short on trekking trails so an expert guide simply adds to the thrill of the entire expedition. Hire the guide from Dehradun itself so that you can find a reliable and authentic one.

Best Time to Visit

When is the best time to visit, a place famed for its river and waterfalls? Monsoons, of course! It is amazing to see the water gush through the narrow creeks and long gorges. The summers and the onset of monsoons is definitely the best time to visit Dehradun. An absolute delight as the most wonderful feeling of calmness surrounds you.

Photo (Cropped) by Rajatkantib, CC BY-SA 4.0

How to Reach

You can get down at Dehradun Railway Station as this is the nearest and most commuted railway station in the state, well connected with other parts of the country. From here you can avail the local transportation like buses or hire a cab to the village of Anarwala only a mere 6 kms away from the city. From this rustic village, you can trek to the Robber’s Cave which is a 1km long trekking trail.

Interesting Facts and Trivia about Robber’s Cave, Dehradun

  • The robber’s cave is located in the Anarwala village.
  • If you plan on asking directions to the locals, then you better ask for ‘Guchhupani.
  • As the name itself suggest the place is known as robber’s cave because long back the place was infamous as hideouts, long back. But now it is a popular tourist destination.
  • Well maintained by Uttarakhand Tourism, the cave is a natural formation formed by the geological impacts on the Dehra plateau.
  • Locals believe that the river inside the cave has medicinal properties.

Nearby Attractions

Uttrakhand is never short of places to visit. Here is a list of some places that you have to try out near Robber’s Cave.

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Whether it is an easy, medium or highly challenging trek or an escape into the scenic abundance of the mountain ranges of Uttarakhand or if you simply yearn for a stroll down the windy paths of the region then Uttarakhand has it all. Pack your bags for Uttarakhand and make sure you follow the guide to make your trip smoother.

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  1. There’s entrance fee to visit the cave and monsoon is not a very good time to visit robber’s cave as while it rains the water level suddenly rises and flows strongly from the fall which is dangerous.


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