A Complete Tour Guide To Auli Hill Station

Several people might not have even heard this name before but talking about some great ski destinations in India, Auli might top the list. The place is located in the mighty Himalayan Mountains in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Auli – one of the skiing hill destinations of India is also known by the locals as Auli Bugyal or simply Bugyal which translates to meadow in the local language. Most ski lovers in earlier times hardly knew about Auli as other destinations like Shimla, Manali or Gulmarg were chosen instead. It was only after the creation of the state of Uttarakhand, did Auli gain some significance. Being located in the region referred to as the Dev-Bhoomi or the Land of the Gods, Auli is also an important pilgrimage destination for the Hindus. For the ski lovers, Auli offers slopes that provide adventure from experts to beginners. Auli is also surrounded with tall oak and coniferous forests and is situated at around 2050 meters to 3050 meters above sea level.

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Climatic Conditions

A typical year in Auli starts a very cold temperature around 7 degrees and can drop down to -4 degrees. Nevertheless the months between December and February remains the best choice for winter sport enthusiasts due to its snow cover. The month of March provides some refuge from the freezing cold as temperatures rise to around 14 degrees and drop to around 4 degrees at nights and the climate remains pretty much the same except for minor rise in the temperatures in the months of April and May. June is the hottest time of the year when temperatures range between 10 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius. The months of July and August are the most pleasant as they experience mild showers. Winters start again from the month of September which is fairly pleasant and the climate is moderate and stays the same in October and November. December starts with a little snowfall which makes it a picturesque location.

Best Time to Visit

Although Auli is accessible all year round, it totally depends on the purpose of going that determines the best time to visit. The winter months of January and February are perfect for winter sports due to the thick snow cover but the weather is highly unpredictable and you might get shut in a cottage if snowstorms occur. The best time to visit Auli if you want to enjoy some getting around and tourist activities is between May and June. Technically May and June are the hottest months in the year, but due to its location in the snow capped Himalayas the climate stays temperate and pleasant. July and August are perfect if you want to enjoy some of the most picturesque locations. October and November are the perfect months for honeymooning activities in Auli and the climate is cold with pleasant weather.

Attractions/Things to Do

The top attraction that Auli offers is winter sports. The slopes get covered with thick snow during the winters that offer a perfect place for skiing. The world’s highest manmade lake is also located in Auli. The water from the lake is used in feeding the snow guns to make artificial snow in case of less snowfall. Auli is also surrounded by several Himalayan peaks and visitors get panoramic 270-degree views of the surroundings. Auli also features Asia’s longest cable car which is around 4 kilometers long. Being an important pilgrimage destination for the Hindus there is also a temple that is connected to the great Hindu epic Ramayana. Apart from all these, Auli is also a famous trek hotspot and offers some of the most challenging and marvelous trek routes in Asia Pacific.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to Auli is located in Dehradun and the nearest international airport is located in Delhi. Dehradun airport is well connected via flights running from Delhi and other major cities on a daily basis. It is best to take a taxi from the airport to Auli. One can also reach Auli by taking a train to Haridwar which is well connected via trains from most major cities in India. Haridwar is around 300 kilometers away from Auli and the rest of the journey can be commenced through a taxi. Taxis are also available from New Delhi for Auli.

Distance from Major Cities

  1. Mussoorie – 62 Kilometers
  2. Haridwar – 260 Kilometers
  3. Rishikesh – 269 Kilometers
  4. Dehradun – 281 Kilometers
  5. Nainital – 240 Kilometers
  6. Shimla – 57 Kilometers
  7. Chandigarh – 477 Kilometers
  8. Delhi – 495 Kilometers
  9. Jaipur – 770 Kilometers
  10. Kolkata – 1673 Kilometers
  11. Lucknow – 663 Kilometers
  12. Hyderabad – 1466 Kilometers
  13. Ahmedabad – 1439 Kilometers
  14. Bangalore – 2000 Kilometers
  15. Mumbai – 1921 Kilometers

Accessibility and Accommodation

Most of the getting around has to be done either on taxis or foot. For a perfect stay in Auli you might want to book the alpine cottages or the log huts with all the arrangements like heating and hot water along with catering services. There are also several other luxury and budget hotels that serve all types of budgets.

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