A Complete Tour Guide To Kausani Hill Station

Please do not confuse this place with the one named Kasauli or Kasol which is another picturesque hill station located in Himachal Pradesh. Kausani however, is a similarly picturesque hill town which is located in the state of Uttarakhand. The revered Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi also happened to stay here once and even compared the surroundings to that of Switzerland. The hill town is characterized by a peaceful and serene aura and not overly crowded unlike other popular hill stations in India. Kausani sits atop a mountain ridge which is around 1890 meters above sea level in the Himalayan foothills and is surrounded by a thick cover of pine trees. The town overlooks Someshwar Valley from one side and also provides some marvelous panoramic views of the surrounding peaks.

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Climatic Conditions

Trisul, Nanda Devi and Himalayan range from Kausani

Kausani is one of the most marvelous hill towns in India and is known for its temperate climate with mild summers and really cold winters. The summer arrives in Kausani in the month of March and stays till June. The temperature during these months ranges between 25 degrees and 11 degrees with cool breeze throughout the day that doesn’t let you feel fatigued by heat. This is also the time when a lot of tourists visit Kausani. The month of July sees a change in the climate as the pre monsoon showers make the place a picturesque spot. The monsoons end till August as the region witnesses’ medium rainfall. The rains also make it slippery to walk on the streets so visitors should be really careful. The winters in Kausani start from late October and end till mid February. The temperatures rarely climb over 15 degrees Celsius and can go as low as 2 degrees Celsius.

Best Time to Visit

Kausani is accessible throughout the year except sometimes during the monsoon the roads become slippery due to the algae so visitors need to be careful. The people mostly travel to hill stations during summers as the heat on the low lying plains is too much to handle. However, if you really want to experience the true picturesque beauty of Kausani, you might want to visit the place in the winters when the climate is the most exciting. Unlike other hill towns in Uttarakhand, there is hardly any snow fall experienced in Kausani but the temperatures can go as low as 2 degrees. The sun is never too hot in Kausani and that provides it one of the most pleasant climates.

Attractions/Things to Do

The first and foremost thing you might want to see in Kausani is the panoramic views of the surrounding Himalayas. Located at a ridge almost 2000 meters above sea level, Kausani works as a perfect viewing spot for Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul and Panchchuli from almost everywhere in Kausani. If you are a fan of Mahatma Gandhi you might want to visit the Anashakti Ashram which was setup by Gandhiji’s apprentice Sarla Behn which works for the welfare of the Kumauni women. You can also find a gallery of various pictures of Gandhiji during the different phases in his life. You can also visit the Pant House which is the residence of the great Indian neo-romanticism poet Sumitranandan Pant. You also might not want to miss the refreshing fragrance of the Kausani Tea estate and the factory. The Rudradhari Caves and Waterfalls are also a must visit spot which is located in the Kailash region. The way to the caves and waterfalls also transverses through green paddy fields and the temple itself is situated in a picturesque location between the alcoves of the Himalayan hillocks.

How to Reach

Reaching Kausani can be done in a number of ways. If you decide to travel by air you might want to get down at the Pithoragarh airport which is around 112 kilometers away from Kausani. If you want to travel by road then buses and taxis are available directly from Delhi to Kausani. However, travelling via roads should be generally avoided during the monsoon season due to the slippery ways and a high probability of road accidents. While travelling to Kausani via road you can also take rest stops at other famous hill towns in Uttarakhand such as Almora, Ranikhet and Nainital. Almora is the best place for a rest stop when travelling to Kausani. The nearest Railway station to Kausani is Kathgodam which is well connected with trains from the major cities in India.

Distance from Major Cities

  1. Kathgodam – 166 Kilometers
  2. Ranikhet – 70 Kilometers
  3. Almora – 52 Kilometers
  4. Nainital – 150 Kilometers
  5. Dehradun – 318 Kilometers
  6. Shimla – 546 Kilometers
  7. Chandigarh – 501 Kilometers
  8. Delhi – 419 Kilometers
  9. Jaipur – 675 Kilometers
  10. Lucknow – 500 kilometers
  11. Ahmedabad – 1,339 Kilometers
  12. Mumbai – 1,805 Kilometers
  13. Kolkata – 1,510 Kilometers
  14. Bangalore – 2,400 Kilometers
  15. Chennai – 2,432 Kilometers

Accessibility and Accommodation

Most of the town is accessible via walking as it is a small hill town. Kausani also has a wide range of accommodation facilities that suit all types of tourist budgets. You can find cheap tourist lodges and luxury hotels that offer some really great hospitality and food.

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