Anashakti Ashram, Kausani

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: History Buffs, Serenity Seekers
  • Entrance Fee: Entry is Free; Accommodation is also available for 300 Rupees per room
  • Visiting Time: 4 to 7 pm
  • Visit Duration: 1-2 hours

A tranquil Retreat situated in Kausani, Anashakti Ashram is the site where Mahatma Gandhi stayed for around 14 days when he was writing his concept of Anasakti Yog during 1929. This Anasakti Yog is also referred to as Geeta Anasakti Yog. It was his ardent disciple Sarla Ben that constructed this ashram for those seeking tranquility amidst Himalayas and established it honoring Mahatma Gandhi who endearingly called Kausani as India’s Switzerland for its picturesque and plush beauty.

Photo by sushanta mohanta sin…, CC BY 3.0

Traveller Tips

  • Rooms are also catered at this ashram so can take any one room for an affordable rate and just relax here in the amazing peaceful aura.
  • There is no need to carry food with you as meals are also available in the ashram.
  • Plastic Bags are prohibited and you have to maintain strict discipline within the premises.

Things to Do

  • Don’t forget to catch the sunrise and sunset here which is stunning and peaceful at the same time.
  • Meditate here for a few minutes in this beautiful peace amidst the Himalayas and you will surely find it blissful!

Availability of Guides

Guides are not readily available as you can explore the site all by yourself.

Best Time to Visit

The months of April to June and September to October are ideally the quaint months to enjoy the climate of Kausani here at this simplistic ashram. Also daytime is best to explore the ashram as you will be able to take out time to enjoy the landscape.

Anashakti Aashram
Photo by Utkarshsingh.1992, CC BY 3.0

How to Reach

Anashakti Ashram is merely a km away and is just a short walk away from Kausani’s main bus stand and the town itself.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Anashakti Ashram

  • A Museum inside Anashakti Ashram displays times when Gandhiji lived here for around two weeks and will teleport those old times reminding you of Mahatma Gandhi’s principles and his teachings.
  • There is a meditation room for those looking to spend some moments of serenity with themselves. You can sit quietly there and meditate and introspect over your visit and your journey.
  • The rooms available are catered with all the essential facilities and the food available is vegetarian cuisine. So, the stay is aimed to be availed in a minimal way to make you live a simplistic way of life just like Mahatma Gandhi taught us to.
  • Libraries are also inside the premises and you can avail your membership there. Also, don’t forget to immerse yourself in the landscape outside as the beautiful scenery is what Kausani is famous for and here at Anasakti Ashram you can give yourself a meditative treat on your visit and stay here.

Nearby Attractions

Thus, Anasakti Ashram is truly based on Gandhi’s teachings and offers everyone with an endeavor into your soul and mind in which you can find a way to meditate, enjoy and soak in the stunning aura of Kausani simultaneously. This ashram stands on simplistic way of living and this way adds as a soulful retreat to your journey at Kausani. So, whenever you plan to visit this quaint town, don’t forget to explore Anasakti Ashram to let yourself be overwhelmed by its ordinariness that is not very common to find. And if you venture to stay here for a short time, the experience will totally be life-changing, that is idyllically assured. Hence, make sure you plan a short weekend for your trip here in which you can explore the ashram and spare out time to catch the striking dawn and dusk here with your trippers, and we assure you that it will make you go wow over Kausani’s beauty! Happy journey!

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