Top 5 Places To Visit In Auli

A lesser known but important ski destination, Auli is located in the midst of a part of the looming Himalayan mountain range, known as the Garhwal Mountains. Found on the way to ‘Chaar-Dhaam’, this town is also known as Dev-Bhoomi due to the various temples in and around. It is also known to be blessed by Shankaracharya due to the popular monastery in Joshimath, which is quite close to Auli. The hilly terrain has gained the status of being a popular skiing area for the avid ski-lover. Sport competitions are held for tourists during winter, which attracts a lot of people. Best time to visit is during April to June when the weather is moderately cold. If you’re an adventure lover who likes to experience the chilly winter of Auli that lasts from November to February, you’d enjoy the snowfall, cold winter air, and the skiing opportunities. Here’s a look at the tourist spots Auli has to offer.

1. Artificial Lake

Known to be the world’s highest man-made lake, Artificial Lake is located close to the Clifftop Club private hotel. The artificial lake was created to produce synthetic snow for the skiing activities carried out during the time of less snowfall. The snow produced from this lake has proven to be very useful as it provides a good and extensive surface for skiing. It has also expanded the duration of the skiing period.

2. Joshimath


Connected through the ropeway to Auli, Joshimath is famous for its mountain climbing and trekking expeditions. It was established as one of the fundamental institutions by Adi-Shankara. Tourists are attracted to visit this site due to its religious importance, and for the adventure of the ropeway, which offers a beautiful view of Auli. The ropeway connecting Joshimath and Auli is known as the longest ropeway of Asia, and it’s a major attraction for visitors.

3. Winter Ski-Resort

Auli has one of the optimum ski slopes in India, and ski-lovers are often found here in a large number, mostly during the ski competitions. The oak and deodar trees alongside the extensive and beautiful ski slopes provide a great atmosphere for the ski-lovers, and even for competitions that take place during winter. The ski-resort offers a good spot to watch the competitions from, and also residential areas for those who wish to stay there. The mountain slopes at the time of snowfall are a radiant sight to behold, and one can enjoy the scenery at this time.

4. Trishul Peak

At the height of 23, 490 ft, Trishul peak is a popular ski slope. It is one of the few locations of India where skiing is professionally practiced. The Nanda Devi National Park is situated close to the peak, and it attracts people in a large number. At the foot of this hill is the famous Roopkund Lake, which is also known as ‘Mystery Lake’ for the skeletons of horses and humans that were found in the lake. A very famous skiing spot, Trishul peak offers a great panoramic view from the top, and enthusiastic skiers find themselves traversing the slopes of this hill for the adventurous feeling it has to offer. Tourists, who are not skiers, also enjoy the atmosphere and the view, along with watching the ski competitions taking place on the hill.

5. Vanshinarayan Kalpeshwar

Close to Joshimath at about 12kms, Vanshinarayan Kalpeshwar is a quaint and striking valley, and home of a cave known as Kalpeshwar. Another 10kms from the Kalpeshwar cave is a spot called Vanshinarayan, which is well known for the beautiful scenery it has to offer. There is a small village only a few kilometers away from Vanshinarayan, called Helang, which is on route to Kalpeshwar from Auli. The beauty and ambience around this area is unparalleled, and tourists love to take a tour around the spot for the greenery, ski slopes and the caves. Villagers and locals are found flocking about, a few of them guiding the tourists around this region.

Auli is known as the ski-lovers’ paradise, and the place has only recently been declared as a tourist spot in Uttarakhand. The natural surroundings and snow-capped mountain peaks provide an apt area for a devoted explorer. The mass of pretty apple-orchards, oak and deodar trees have made this small, hilly-town a sought after location for tourists, skiers, and adventurers.

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