Top 5 Places to Visit in Bageshwar

Bageshwar is an enigmatic jewel of Himalayas with its snow valleys, mountains and a soothing weather to make your journey a cherishing one. Hindu Mythology records that Lord Shiva came to this place appearing as a tiger and resided here. That’s why the town is called as Bageshwar which means ‘the Land of the Tiger’. Similar to the other divine attractions of Uttarakhand, this place also has numerous ancient shrines and is a charming town to embrace oneself amidst the profuse flora and fauna of Bageshwar. There are quaint resorts to have a rejuvenating stay here and you can also go trekking at some of the tourist spots in Bageshwar. So, here we are with the list of top 5 places which are a must to explore here to envelope oneself in the sacred quality Bageshwar has and an air of adventure and relaxation its offbeat aspect offers.

1. Pindari and Sunderdhunga Glaciers

Pindari and Sunderdhunga Glaciers
Photo by Gaurav Jetley, CC BY 2.0

If you are an adventure traveler, Pindari and Sunderdhunga Glaciers are the ideal sites to go for trekking. While trek to Pindari Glacier is considered easy than going for Sunderdhunga Glacier, both have incessant beauty to lure through breathtaking trekking adventures. Pindari Glacier is located just by the rim of Nanda Devi and is on the height of 3353mts. On the other hand, Sunderdhunga Glacier lies on the right to Pindar and both the glaciers offer an exotic view of Himalayan vistas that is not to be missed if you are here in Bageshwar.

2. Baghnath Temple

Baghnath Temple
Photo by ArmouredCyborg, CC BY-SA 4.0

Baghnath Temple is actually the central shrine on which this town is named. It is located at the joining of the two sacred rivers of Gomti and Saryu. This shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva and is the place where he meditated in Bageshwar. It was constructed in 1450 by Laxmi Chand, a Kumaon King. The best time to visit this temple is during the Hindu festival of Shivratri when a joyous celebration is organized here drawing tourists from all around India.

3. Baijnath

Situated at a distance of 26 km from Bageshwar, Baijnath is a significant tourist attraction known for its early shrines and is christened after the famed Baijnath Temple located here. Baijnath actually served as the capital during the times of Katyuri Kings around 7th to 11th century AD and its earlier name was Kartikeyapura being situated in Katyur Valley. The Baijnath Temple was also erected by the Katyuri rulers enshrining the idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Lord Brahma and various other Hindu deities. Further, it is centrally devoted to Lord Shiva and as per Hindu Mythology, it is said that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s marriage took place at the union River Gomti and Garur Ganga.

4. Chandika Temple

Chandika Temple
Photo by Sumita Roy Dutta, CC BY-SA 4.0

Chandika Temple is the holy shrine devoted to Hindu deity Chandika Mai also referred to as Maa Kali. It is merely half kilometer from Bageshwar and attracts tourists especially during the months of Navrataras. Further, Goddess Chandika Mai is a revered deity for the locals here and thus is a must place to visit in Bageshwar and experience the divine tranquility this place possesses.

5. Kausani

Photo by Abhijit Kar Gupta, CC BY 2.0

Situated at a distance of 38 km from Bageshwar, Kausani is endearingly referred to as India’s Switzerland. This caption was given to this mesmerizing town by Mahatma Gandhi himself when he visited this place in 1929. The splendid valleys and picturesque greenery of this pristine landscape is just enough to conclude your journey to Bageshwar and we assure you that visiting this beautiful town will inherently offer you a wonderful ending to your endeavors in Bageshwar.

Bageshwar is indeed a soulful retreat with its historical temples and numerous endeavors to tempt you with. If you are stopping over at this quaint town, then the above listed tourist sites are significant to travel to and feel more blessed in the wonderful atmosphere of Bageshwar. It’s a refreshing addition to your checklist in Uttarakhand and will surely give you moments to reminisce forever!

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