Top 5 Places to Visit in Uttarkashi

Endearingly called as the Devbhoomi, Uttarkashi is a popular North Indian Destination enriched for its religious legacy. It is adorned with a beautiful quaintness that will make you aware of the bliss that exists in the air of Uttarkashi. There are snow peaks, chilly breezes and lush greenery that attract tourists all around the year to embrace them with its mesmerizing landscapes. There are temples located in and around the town which you can visit to be familiar with the divine heritage this place boasts itself of plus you can also travel around the town to be spellbound by the heavenly sceneries. So, here we are with a list of 5 best places which are a must to discover if you are stopping over at Uttarkashi as these tourist spots will make you go wow over this city’s divine place in Hindu Mythology and the Keatsian aura this town has.

1. Vishwanath Temple

Vishwanath Temple is a significant and the most famed religious temple of Uttarkashi. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a shivling of 90 cm width and 40 cm height. The temple is also a must-visit shrine for those journeying to Gangotri and Yamunotri and especially those on Char Dham pilgrimage. Hundreds of Lord Shiva devotees come to visit this place to seek blessings and the temple is situated amidst picturesque scenery of beautiful mountains and quaintly flowing Bhagirathi River giving you a heavenly landscape with the setting of wonderful tranquility.

2. Gangotri

Photo by Atarax42, CC BY-SA 3.0

Being the beginning place of Ganges River, Gangotri is an important stopover of travelers visiting Uttarkashi. There are copious ashrams to stay in this divine place and is situated at a distance of 100 km from Uttarkashi. Known as Bhagirathi in old times, the River Ganges got its name from Devprayag which is the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Rivers. There is a well-known Gangotri Temple located here which opens on the fortunate day of Akshay Tritya in May and is closed by November during the time Yama Dwitya, also called as Bhai Dooj. During the remaining six months, the deity is revered at Mukhwa which is situated close to Harsil.

3. Yamunotri

Photo by Amolthefriend, CC BY-SA 3.0

Overlooking the religious spot of Gangotri, Yamunotri is the next destination to come more close to the divine aura of Uttarkashi. It is known as the beginning place of River Yamuna and as per Hindu Mythology, it is believed that Yamuna is actually the deity of Death, Yama’s sister and taking a holy dip here at this point assures a painless decease of the devotee. This tourist attraction is surrounded by the enthralling Garhwal peaks and it is referred to as the holy dwelling of Asti Muni as well. Promising of a wonderful adventure, this place is situated at a great height and will test your endurance to reach it. But the vistas in the trek along with the mesmerizing view from above will take your exhaustion away for sure.

4. Har ki Doon

Har ki Doon
Photo by Metanish, CC BY-SA 4.0

A well-liked destination for adventurous trekkers, Har ki Doon is your gateway into the sporty side of Uttarkashi. If looked from a distance, this valley is aptly in the shape of a cradle and is bordered by snow clad peaks, lush vistas and a chilly atmosphere to thrill you with. There are hilly Swargarohini Mountains and quaintly huge glacier known as Jaundhar glacier. On the way to Har ki Doon, there are forests, mountains and adrenaline rush awaiting you to immerse yourself and fully love the adventure that Himalayas boasts of!

5. Harsil

Photo by Amit.pratap1988, CC BY-SA 3.0

A small hamlet situated in the Bhagirathi Valley, Harsil is 72 km away from Uttarkashi. It is a wonderful spot to stay at since it is located just by the highway to Uttarkashi. It is a stunningly scenic attraction and is an amazing way to conclude your journey by visiting the small shrines and temples all around and resting amidst the magnificent Himalayan peaks and the simple pleasures of this tiny hamlet.

Hence, Uttarkashi is a famed tourist site among tourist visiting the Himalayan beauties of North India and that’s why the above listed places are the ones that will make your visit a cherishing one. So, get ready to amaze yourself with the charm of this town and be enchanted by the refreshing sensations that the Himalayan towns have in them which magnetize endeavourers from all around the world to visit them and be awestruck!

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