Top 5 Places To Visit In Kedarnath

Named after the legendary Hindu King Kedar who lived in the ancient Hindu era of the Satya Yuga, Kedarnath is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites. Kedarnath is a part of the Chota Char Dham pilgrimage. The town, although being a pilgrim spot since the ancient times, was accessible by pilgrims only through hiking. It was only after the 1962 Sino-Indian wars did the Indian government made some major infrastructural developments like roads and highways. This made the town accessible to more and more pilgrims and it became a part of their yearly religious affairs. Here’s a list of the best places you can visit in the holy town of Kedarnath.

1. Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Temple
Photo by Shaq774, Public Domain

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Pilgrimage, Nature.
  • Tickets: No entry fee.
  • Opening Timings: Open daily during April to November but remains closed from 3 pm to 5 pm.
  • Duration: 1.5-2 hours.

About Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Temple is considered to be one of the holiest temples in Hindu religion. It is dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva and is located near the Mandakini River in Kedarnath. The origin of the temple dates back to the Mahabharata when the Pandavas built the temple to absolve themselves from the sin of the killings they committed during the Mahabharata war. The temple’s amazing architecture and the carved idols of various different Hindu deities inside the temple is unique and attracts thousands of visitors.

Things to Do near Kedarnath Temple:

  • View the majestic Kedarnath peak.
  • Trek to other attractions.
  • Pay your respects at Bhairava Temple.

2. Chorabari Tal

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Pilgrimage, Nature, Glaciers.
  • Tickets: No entry fee.
  • Opening Timings: Opening subjected to weather.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours.

About Chorabari Tal

Formed from the Chorabari glacier, The Chorabari Tal is an ancient lake and also known as Gandhi Tal as part of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes are immersed here. According to Hindu mythology, this lake was the place where Lord Shiva the first guru imparted the knowledge of Yoga to the Saptrishi. There’s a cliff near the Bhairava Temple from which the devotees used to leap to their deaths believing it to bring salvation. This practice however, was abolished by the British in the 19th century.

Things to Do near Chorabari Tal:

  • Trekking.
  • View the Himalyan Ranges.
  • Visit a waterfall en route.

3. Vasuki Tal

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Pilgrimage, Nature, Glaciers.
  • Tickets: No entry fee.
  • Opening Timings: Daily during April to November.
  • Duration: 45 mins.

About Vasuki Tal

Vasuki Tal refers to a glacial lake located in the mountains and also a moderately easy trek trail. The crystalline lake located among the Himalayas is one of the most amazing destinations you will ever visit. The trek usually starts at Gauri Kund where one can find the hot sulphur springs and ends at the amazing glacial lake.

Things to Do near Vasuki Tal:

  • Trekking.
  • Camping.

4. Gauri Kund

Gauri Kund
On the way to Gauri Kund, Photo by Asdelhi95, CC BY-SA 4.0

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Pilgrimage, Nature, Glaciers.
  • Tickets: No entry fee.
  • Opening Timings: Daily during April to November.
  • Duration: 30 mins.

About Gauri Kund

The second highest lake in the world, Gauri Kund is also an important pilgrimage site. It is considered to be the place where Goddesses Parvati performed penance to please Lord Shiva. According to popular folklore, Lord Ganesha was created at this place by Parvati Devi after taking bath in this lake. This site is also the base camp for people trekking to Kedarnath Temple.

Things to Do near Gauri Kund.

  • Trekking.
  • Pony Rides.
  • Visit Triyuginarayan Temple, 10 km away.

5. Triyuginarayan Temple

Triyuginarayan Temple
Photo by Naresh Balakrishnan, CC BY-SA 4.0

Visitor Information

  • Famous for: Pilgrimage.
  • Tickets: No entry fee.
  • Opening Timings: Open Daily.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours.

About Triyuginarayan Temple

Located at a short distance from Gauri Kund, Triyuginarayan Temple is an important pilgrimage site. This place is the marriage site of Lord Shiva and Goddesses Parvati and it is said all gods came here to witness their holy union. The exact location of the wedding is symbolized by a stone called Brahma Shilla in front of the temple. There is an eternal flame inside the temple that is believed to burn since the marriage.

Things to Do near Triyuginarayan Temple:

  • Trek to Gauri Kund.
  • Visit the nearby sacred kunds (ponds).

Other nearby attractions at Kedarnath include Sonprayag, RatusKund, Bhairavnath Temple, Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and TriyuginarayanTemple.

Apart from its religious significance, Kedarnath place is also an haven for all trekkers and adventure lovers. It serves as a base camp for mountaineers and trekkers going towards Kedarnath peak. Visit this majestic place and get more than your expectations.

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